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Sunday, September 15, 2019
Radial clean up on my Hustler 6BTV

After trimming the garden I decided to remake the radial connections and clean up the feed point of my vertical HF antenna which is a Hustler 6btv. I have two 6btv antennas one at the cabin and one here pictured above. They are both 15 years in operation and both antennas are still working great as well as holding up to the weather over the years.
Today's task was to clean the feed point especially the braided coaxial ground connection and to renew the radial ends with some clean crimped lugs.

After completing everything I checked out the SWR on each of the 6 bands to find all was well and my Hustler can face the Autum fully checked over and ready to go!
posted by M0YKS - Simon @ 4:36 pm  
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