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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Sporadic openings on 6M, 10M, 12M & 15M
Today brought some long awaited activity to the usually quiet portion of the HF spectrum. From early morning the bands were at times busy with the sound of lots of stations from Europe working other stations and big signals were flying around, at last 6 meters SSB, 10 meters 12 meters and even 15 meters were alive.

I worked Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal on the lively opened up bands with good signals both ways. I did not hear any real DX but still I was more than happy to make plenty of European QSOs and I also got the chance to try out my other radio equipment at the same time.

I made the QSOs using the Yaesu FT847, Yaesu MD1 desk mic and around 50 watts into the Maldol 6 Band vertical antenna which is mounted outside with an excellent ground plane system. The antenna has been in my collection for almost three years and covers 40m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cms. The contacts that I made on 12 Meters were worked on the home brew 20m delta loop which was tuned with my MFJ 969 Roller Inductor Manuel ATU which worked very well.

It was a real pleasure to use the other HF bands that are exceptionally good when conditions are favorable. Hopefully the conditions will become Even better and 10M will be World Wide status again.

73 have a great weekend, Good DX to all who want it.

de Simon

Here Is The Maldol 6 Band Vertical

posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 8:41 pm  
  • At 3:04 am, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    I have tried wires, your loop and the good old g5rv here @ my house but it looks like I am going to have to get a vertical if I am to work some of those bands Si.

    The maldol looks a good one I might try that but I still favour the 6BTV
    you never know you might hear me on soon :)
    VHF only at the moment thou :(
    73 for now de M1PAC

  • At 11:26 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    Ey up! The Hustler will be the One for you! Well Built, works well, and looks pretty.

    heard you after the RSGB News today!

    Will be playing radio on and off quite a bit as I am on 2 weeks Holidays as from Now! Yipee!!!

    Look forward to hearing you on HF, in the meantime happy VHFing.

    p.s look at the link on the comments for the previous post as Tomas has provided good construction info regarding a home made MOXAN antenna, maybe good for M1PAC?

    73 de 2E0HTS SI....

  • At 12:17 pm, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    Well may be I will give it a try. At the moment I am not working. and am full of the summer flu (typical) :( .I have applied for a job at the college as a general operative so you never know :))
    73 de M1PAC listening on 145.500

  • At 12:27 pm, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    OOH A porter, are you sure you can move slow enough and sup so much TEA in one day? Also you have to be fluent in making excuses to confirm it is not your job and you are too busy h.i

    If you can manage all this you have a good chance of joining the elite skiving fellows, good luck.

    73 SI

  • At 5:57 pm, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    yea well I can always speed up a little I suppose :)

    Hope to see you soon .

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