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Thursday, August 16, 2018
Special Discount - Eltima Products For Radio Amateurs

Just a quick update regarding my last post about Eltima software.

Any radio amateurs and short wave listeners wishing to use Eltima products can get special discount and support. This has kindly been arranged by Helga from Eltima software solutions. If this is something for you just mention you're a Ham or SWL and that you have visited my blog.


I hope that some of you fellow hams benefit from this and thanks again to all at Eltima Software Solutions. 

If any other amateur radio related techs, developers or sales would like there products reviewing, testing, rating as well as good play around with in my shack. Please feel free to contact myself Simon M0YKS as I am always up for a good blog post to share with the World Wide Ham Community. 
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Virtual Serial Port Pro From Eltima - Control Your Transceiver From Multiple Apps Simultaneously
I was recently contacted by Helga from Eltima Software who design software and apps which can be used in the field of amateur radio. Helga offered me the chance to take a look at a couple of software solutions of interest which are Virtual Serial Pro and Serial to Ethernet Connector.
Helga has been involved in the research of what can be achieved using the Eltima Virtual Serial Pro com port application in regard to Amateur Radio and has written an interesting article called How to Control Ham Radio Transceiver from Several Apps at a Time.

1. Virtual Serial Port Driver: creates pairs of virtual COM ports.
2. Serial Port Splitter (Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro): helps to create bundles of virtual serial ports and set custom port parameters, allows managing real and virtual COM ports.
3. Serial Port Monitor: displays, logs, and analyzes RS232/422/485 COM port activity.
4. Serial to Ethernet Connector: allows sharing serial ports over Ethernet, LAN, and the Internet.

I believe that this could be of interest to Hams who have multiple transceivers, satellite antenna controllers, regular antenna rotators and run data modes and packages like Ham radio deluxe, TRX Manager, WX to IMG etc. This of course would be only useful if you like everything on at the same time in your shack all functioning simultaneously or if your PC has limited or only one serial port. For myself I have been playing around trying to configure a couple of apps that run my YAESU FT-847 and West Mountain RIGblaster plus.

I will be taking a look at the Serial to Ethernet software next which could be a winner for Hams that operate remote stations which is something that I fancy having a look at once I have found a suitable app or program to run/connect to my station via the Eltima serial to ethernet connector.

If any of you are running a remote station and using an android app to control your station I would be interested in hearing what your results are and any recommendations you may have.

I shall continue to play around with the software packages kindly sent through from Eltima Software solutions and I would like to thank Helga for getting in touch and offering the Ham radio station of M0YKS a chance to look at something that could be beneficial to a lot of radio amateurs.Follow the links for detailed info if this is something that interests you.

Best 73 catch you all again soon and thanks once again for visiting Ham Radio dot Blogspot dot com.
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Sunday, August 05, 2018

The holidays are going well, after a trip to the Welsh island of Anglesey I'm now enjoying the good wx and occasional VHF openings as well as some short skip HF qso's into G land from the cabin on the Yorkshire moor tops.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Holiday Operating - Ham Radio

Its almost the end of another busy academic year at College where I have been busier than ever getting all our learners through their welding and fabrication programs.

The good news is as from this weekend I will be free to operate my ham radio equipment without too many distractions as I begin my annual summer leave and spend time enjoying life with the family.

I plan to be active from the shack at home, the holiday cabin as well as the DX machine whilst camped up somewhere cool. I hope to catch some of you guys on the bands and maybe I will continue to enjoy more 10m band propagation which has been worth tying over the past few weeks giving some good DX as well as into EU openings.

Evening DXing will also be on the cards over the next few weeks as we move into the mid summer nights so listen out for M0YKS, M0YKS/M, and maybe MM0YKS/P or MW0YKS/P.

73 thanks for the visit. catch you on the air - Simon M0YKS
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Saturday, May 05, 2018
Ham Radio Poems - M3TLL

Over the years I have received many emails and comments regarding Ham radio poems that Louise M3TLL wrote a few years ago. They have been very popular so here it is brand new for all who love poetry.

An Ode To The Antenna Tower
Written by Louise M3TLL.

Your shining steel standing proud
I hear your signals coming in loud
Many countries, every nation
Booming in to my humble station
Shining brightly in the sun
You help me enjoy hours of fun
Hearing signals coming through
Spending time calling cq
Radiating across the land
How great it is to see you stand
So tall and proud in my backyard
I hold you in such high regard
While others prefer a tree or flower
I have my antenna tower
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Friday, April 06, 2018
CQ WW DX SSB 2017 Results/scores Are Out
I'm pleased enough with 3rd place low PWR England. I'll try harder this year!

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Monday, March 05, 2018
So called new replacement from Moonraker?
Last March I was 50 so my YL bought me a RM KL405 from Moonraker (UK). The amp lasted about two weeks despite running low power, I was offered a replacement from Moonraker and was told that I would not be able to return the so called new replacement should it go faulty. With this in mind I made sure I took the greatest of care to minimise any possible risk of over powering the amplifier and have only run 5 to 10 w on SSB with a maximum output of 180w out. After using the amp for a couple of weeks the pre amp became stuck on which was annoying but it seemed to be working ok. Last week I was in my shack and heard an interesting station so I gave a shout out. I noticed straight away that the output was down thanks to my West Mountain Radio PWR Check. So I decided that I will have a look to see if anything was obvious in the way of a fault.

The first thing I saw was the sticker and hand written note which seemed a bit strange for a so called new replacement. Then I noticed a resistor was completely blown off of the board and solder was splattered everywhere. On closer examination and a bit of solder spatter removed I repaired the preamp switch which had been in short circuit due to the spatter. Unfortunately the damage to the output is beyond my electronic ability so I decided to pack the amp away until I decide to either throw it away or donate to Someone who can use any components.

The solder can be seen below stuck to the front panel and spread around over various components.

As for the lesson learned. I won't be buying any more RM equipment from Moonraker and I won't be believing that their customer service is as good as they make it out to be. And finally if you work in the repair service at Moonraker do you recognise the handwriting on the repairs sticker of the so called new replacement.
I am also unsure as to how the date on the sticker is one year before I purchased the amp if it was a new replacement which arrived in April 2017.

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