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Sunday, August 21, 2016
Cobweb Comes Down Cushcraft Goes Up!

After a great holiday on the Island of Anglesey with the family away from it all, I got back home and took my Cobweb antenna down. The time had come to get my Cushcraft MA5B out of the shed and up in the air. I have had it for a number of years but had not had the opportunity to use it.

I must say I am quite impressed so far with the performance of the "mini beam"and I can see quite a difference in signal reception. I have already started working some good DX with the MA5B 3 element Yagi, lots of North and South America and also Bob VP8LP from the Falkland islands.
I am very happy that I put it up even though it is not as high as i would of liked.

Hope to hear you on the bands soon! 73 de Simon M0YKS
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Tuesday, August 09, 2016
Holiday Shack
           M0YKS Holiday Shack

The bands are fairly quiet, the British summer weather is as mixed up as ever but the holiday shack is as excellent as ever...
As you can see I'm getting some rest bite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as we all enjoy plenty of fresh air walks and radio.

As you can imagine there is lots to do exploring the outdoors and the family have a good time doing so.
 I brought my telescope and let my oldest have look at last night's moon which was very exciting for her. She keeps wanting to make some qsos as well so maybe you will hear her soon.
I also have my handheld transceivers charged and ARROW satellite antenna set up ready to go if the chance arises.
In the shack I am running my FT-767, 817 and 2600m and active mainly on 40m and 20m so far.

I hope band conditions start to improve throughout the week, I heard but didn't manage to get back to YB71RI Indonesia and VU2RCT India yesterday eary evening on 20m. Their signals were good but unfortunately so was the pile up. Catch you again  soon. Best 73 De Simon M0YKS.

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Saturday, August 06, 2016
Hustler 6btv
After 6 months of testing I decided to take my 40m delta loop down. The verdict was it tuned up amazing from 80m through to 10m but was no better than the Carolina Windom on performance. The biggest positive to come out was the visual impact of the fibre glass pole and delta shaped wire which has been engraved on the YL and neighbours minds so my Hustler 6btv could sneak in to the open without being noticed.
With this in mind I carried out some servicing of the Hustler, soldered up some new coaxial feed and hammered a new mounting stake.

I used a sold steel 40mm diameter bar as my ground spike and some stainless box section which slides over snug.

The job went well and the result is good with the Hustler 6btv up away from the trees. Last night the bands were quiet but I made a couple of nice qso using it. The next job will be refitting some radials. 

Catch up with you all soon. Thanks for the visit, best 73 De M0YKS Simon 

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Thursday, August 04, 2016
Clear Sky For ISS Pass Over IO93CU

The ISS caught my eye just now as I let the dog out.
I caught ISS on my Samsung Galaxy S5 as it hurtled past high in the sky at a speed of 7 miles a second. 73.
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Operating from the holiday shack is still as good fun as ever!

The bands are not particularly good at the moment but I still managed a few  qso' s and some good radio time on my old setup that I use at my holiday shack. Listen out for me playing radio throughout August as I continue to enjoy family time and holiday's. 73
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Monday, August 01, 2016
Happy Yorkshire Day!

Today is YORKSHIRE Day and as I am born and bred in Yorkshire I always enjoy myself and feel proud to be part of this special day.
Whilst we were out and about in the Yorkshire Dales earlier today I worked special event station GB0YD from my DX mobile up on the 2 meter band. GB0 Yorkshire Day was operating from a high point on the North Yorkshire Moor Tops known as Garrowby Hill which was about 50 miles east of my mobile location. It made the day complete getting a qso with the Yorkshire Day call sign, my own call M0YKS also has a Yorkshire ring to it.
That's all for now apart from.."Si Thi later..73..Av a Appy YORKSHIRE DAY"!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just two days to go before I take my summer leave from the College and I cant wait to play some Ham Radio during my month off! Who knows where I will be operating from? The shack? The Caravan Shack On The Moor? The DX Mobile?
You can bet I will be active from them all as well as by the seaside and other places of interest. Listen out for M0YKS across the bands. 73 enjoy the summer!
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Sunday, July 03, 2016
New fun Contest - South America Sprint - July the 23rd - 21.00 utc
Attention all radio hams and short wave listener's. Watch out for a brand new 2hr contest coming your way this month courtesy of the South America Sprint group. Please read the message below if you haven't already been invited. It sounds like it could be lots of fun and I will be active during it. Best 73.

We would like to invite you to the SA Sprint Contest.

This is a new contest organized by several South American amateur radio clubs and groups.

The contest is only two hours long, the rules are really straightforward and we have included the QSO/QSY rule to make it really fun.

You can see the full rules at: www.sa-sprint.com/rules

Several logging programs have included support for our contest: www.sa-sprint.com/software

The contest will take place on July 23rd, 2016. From 2100 to 23 UTC, on SSB and CW (40 and 20 meters).

Everyone can contact everyone for QSO points credit. Mults are SA prefixes.

Please feel free to tell your friends about the SA Sprint.

There is a Club/Group competition too!

We look forward to seeing you on the bands.

Vy 73,

SA Sprint Contest

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