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Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Day 15 February QSO Challenge

My QSO challenge is going well however today I have been busy in the kitchen, well what's left of it. I am  working hard with Louise as we are installing a new one. You can imagine the mess and chaos but nevertheless I still completed today's challenge and worked across the pond via the AO-7 SAT .

At 19.33 with my satellite beams pointing upwards at only 9º degree above my horizon I got into the bird as it passed by with a low elevation somewhere half way between the UK and USA.
I called CQ a couple of times to be answered by K8TL - Thomas from Ohio, locator EM89CV. Followed by KB1PVH - Dave in Massachusetts, locator - FN42CD
K8TL station is located at a total distance of 5767 miles away from my QTH and KB1PVH is 3195 miles away from me. My challenge for today carried out on VHF via AO-7 using my FT-847. Now back to the kitchen fitting! 73
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