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Monday, April 23, 2007
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Ive been playing around with Computers for many years and i have many programs that are interesting and fairly easy to use which are for Ham Radio use,most of which are free downloads of Ham websites e.t.c
The program that i am using here is WINPSKse. Download it here. Once installed you will have to connect your Radio to your Computer.You need a double ended 3.5mm mono jack plug cable which connects to the ext speaker socket in the back of your Radio,which then feeds the audio/received data out into the Line in or Mic in, on your Computer.You can adjust the level using the P.C sound control there is usually a setting on most programs which allows audio in adjustment.
You are now ready to receive PSK,select the waterfall window and click on the signal.

The next stage there is a bit more expense you will need to acquire more kit,a radio computer interface better known as a Rigblaster.There are various models on the market as you can see in the picture the one i use is the cheapest, its the Nomic and its been working well.The Rigblaster connects to the computers serial port or if you don't have a serial port there is a usb to serial patch lead that's available in most P.C Stores.The Line out from your P.C provides output during transmission so this is connected to the line in on the Rigblaster. The picture shows my Rigblaster in line with cables.

The last cable to connect is the Rigblaster mic lead which simply replaces your mic,the Rigblaster has a jumper lead system which allows quick and easy mic wiring for all manufacturers of radio.On the software settings you will find the option to configure the port that controls the Rigblaster this is usually comport 1.There are other settings to play around with once your up and running you can set up templates and other features which are fairly easy to do.Good Luck!

Here are Simple diagrams showing the wiring of Radio and Computer using a Rigblaster Interface click on image to Enlarge

Here are the other models of Rigblasters which are available from most radio shops,I got mine Second Hand off another Ham
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