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Friday, March 02, 2007
Working EA5CFM from the /Mobile
This picture is Paco EA5CFM in his shack

Whilst i was mobile this morning i heard 4Z5PG Station in Isreal calling CQ 20M,I responded from my mobile station and had a good QSO exchanging 5/8-5/9 reports with 4Z5PG.As i was in QSO a massive signal from Paco EC5CFM called in to me, so i QSY to another frequency and had another nice QSO.This was all on the way to work operating on the 20M band which was fairly quiet in comparison to last weeks DX that i worked.Its always a real pleasure making QSO with Stations all around the World from the mobile, and i thank all Stations that keep me company back and forth from my work QTH.
73 to all, have a good weekend
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