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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Excellent Conditions provide new DXCC
With the CondX being as good as ever, I have continued making some brilliant DX QSOs on the 15M Band using the SSB Phone mode. Yesterday was very good up until dusk with a repeat of the same excellent openings today also on the 15M Band.

I have been working with my good old Yaesu FT-767GX and 50W into the Vertical Hustler 6BTV which is fitted with wire radials and is ground mounted with a 5’ foot length of 1 ½ inch, solid steel bar that protrudes from the ground 18 inches for the fixing of the antenna base. I have had the Hustler for over 5 years and find it works excellently on the higher portion of HF, especially during the day times when the F-Layer position suits the vertical angle of radiation perfectly. I find that during the evening when the F-Layer changes the three sided vertically polarized delta loop usually takes over from the straight forward vertical, giving a different angle of reflection/radiation. Again the Dipole which is totally horizontal at around 30 ft above the ground also works better in the evening but is poor during the day light hours. It’s nice to be able to switch between the three differently radiating antennas and can be very useful indeed to make the most out of the 50W that I use.

With the 15M Band been as good as it has been the 6BTV has been getting some awesome reports as well as managing to acquire a new DXCC in the log. The latest Country to be added to the list was New DXCC - Ghana - 9G5TT on 21.250 MHz, the exchange was a 5/9 report which was very nice to hear.
I worked many stations from North, South and Central America, all of which were big signals providing lengthy and interesting conversation which I really enjoyed. My log from this weekend contains quality as opposed to quantity QSOs and I hope that we can continue to enjoy the true nature of the hobby, which is making friends with fellow Hams worldwide and sharing some lovely experiences. In a nut shell “What a great time we can have when we get a little propagation”.

Here are a few of the Guys I worked during the fantastic opening on 21MHz. - VE3XN, W4TJE, K4VV, K1NIU, W2VP, W9RE, WX4TM, PY2DU, 9G5TT, W9EXY, & TI8II. I hope to get lots more nice QSO next time and in the meantime, have a great week 73!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009
I was pleased to awake to the sound of an old friend taking me back thirty years to my youth. I am of course talking about the HF Chipper that I am hearing on 17M and 15 Meters making a pleasant QRM sounding woodpecker noise.

I used to hear this noise a lot back in the early 80s when propagation was very good. When State-Side signals from mobile Truckers were coming in loud on AM using simple mobile antennas and little rigs.

When I switched on this morning and heard the noise, I said to my YL Louise how conditions should be definitely on the up. Shortly after I tuned around 20m and I found signals coming in from Dominica Republic, Jamaica, India and China all before mid day. I am now making the most of the opening and at present I am active on 15m using the Hustler 6BTV and FT-767. I've just had a great QSO with Gary - VE3XN on 21.290 and right now I am tuning around the many loud signals. Hope to see you on the band somewhere over the weekend, especially now we are entering the up slope of the Solar Cycle. Happy DXing.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

As well as Ham Radio, Work and Life in general, I have been studying in service with the University of HUDDERSFIELD.  This has meant that I have spent the last two years teaching, writing papers as well as reading and researching many different types of Theorists. It's been lots of hard work, self discipline and commitment but well worth the effort when I graduated earlier receiving a Certificate in Education (PCET).

I took my YL – Louise and Mum – Janet, to the Award Ceremony, where it was a proud moment for all.
MUM and Myself

Louise took some nice pictures to put up for you to see - 2E0HTS, washed, scrubbed and gowned, which is a once in a lifetime experience!
Louise and Myself However after seeing myself in the Cap and Gown I wouldn't be at all surprised if I am found to be appearing in the next Harry Potter, Hog-warts adventure, as a Wizard or something? Hope you enjoy these pictures…

The day was extra special as the Chancellors blessing was on screen from Professor Patrick Stewart, OBE, better known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The actual moment of Graduation

Group photo of my Tutor and Class 2007 - 2009 after our Graduation

Right thats it, time to get some Zs. Til next time....
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
The Bands

The past couple of mornings have been a bit frosty so I decided on the Car rather than Motor Cycle to get to work which worked out well as I've heard some great signals coming in on 20m from VK - Australia and  JA - Japan. The distant DX Stations usually start coming  through well up here from now until around late February time. I use the trusty little Toyota 4 X 4 to get through the winter months and at the same time I get more radio time in to operate my FT-100 mobile Ham Station. For the time being, the Motorcycling will be used solely for pleasure when the WX is more reasonable avoiding any unpleasant accidents.

Back in the Shack, the past two evenings have been a different story as by the time I get back from work the 20M band has closed down and 40M has not been particularly exciting either. So I have been tuning down on 80M instead and having fun working European Stations on SSB using the recently made home brew 130 ft dipole. I have been getting good reports from the dipoles performance which consists of two equal legs at 65 ft made from 2.0 mm multi stranded copper wire, which is fed with 25 feet of 350 Ohm ladder feeder, terminating at a home made choke into 50 Ohms Coaxial cable (RG58 Heavy). The radio that I have been using with the dipole on 80M is the FT-767GX from Yaesu, I worked some nice Ops such as German Club Station - DL0WER with Andy (DL1BI ) behind the Mic. Other 80M QSOs included, PA3FAO, HA6FQ & ON100PES . ON100PES is a special event Station that is celebrating 100 years since the first Belgian expedition/research station made it to the Antarctic. I always enjoy working the Club Stations and special event Call Signs that are found on the 80M band. 

Thats all for now hope to hear you somewhere on HF soon, I will be active on the SATs also as usual. 73 thanks for the visit.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009
PSK-31 Contacts
The past couple of nights have seen quiet conditions on 20m so I've concentrated on working a couple of satellites as well as listening around on the LF bands. I had some fun last night on PSK-31 working stations up and down Europe. Using my home brew 130ft Dipole, FT-767 interfaced to my PC and Nomic rigblaster I worked quite a few stations on 80m running qrp (30w).

Stations were coming in well on 80 meters around 3.582 lsb and I worked stations from Norway, Sweden, Germany and the UK including SM6AMU and a fellow Twitterer M0TZO - Paul. For a full transcript of the contact with Paul you can read it here on MØTZO's Blog. Twitter is proving to be a lot of fun and I'm managing to bag a few Twittering followers into my log.

Thanks to all my followers so far, hope to get many more. If you're not on Twitter you can join up here feel free to add me to find out when and where I am active on the bands.
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