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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
February QSO Challenge (Guest Post from M3TLL)

Hi everyone, Louise (M3TLL) here.

Louise - M3TLL and ham-in-the-making Elsie

Just thought I'd share with you a radio-themed challenge I've set 2E0HTS which begins tomorrow. Every day throughout February Simon must make at least one contact on the radio. There's no conditions other than he must post the callsign, frequency and time he works the contact here on his blog. It can be any band, any time of day, any country, mobile, portable or from home.

Feel free to join in his February QSO challenge or just visit his blog to see if he actually can make at least one radio contact every day. Listen out on the bands for 2E0HTS who should be more active than usual this month.

Now I just need to think of a reasonable forfeit (if he fails the challenge) and get some earplugs (in case he succeeds and I get sick of it!)

Good luck Simon!

M3TLL - Louise

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Monday, January 30, 2012
Ham Radio Links - Update
Just a quickie to inform you that I have removed any tired or inactive links found on the right hand side of  my home page. In return I also added quite a few new useful and informative links which include many satellite sites. All links to other amateur radio information and resources can now be found in an organised list, enjoy checking them out during your visits to my site. 73
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Sunday, January 29, 2012
I managed some nice QSOs via SO-50 earlier this evening whilst operating from my radio shack. I caught the contacts on camera as the bird passed me by at around 46º above my horizon.

The video shows me working into the bird without too much difficulty running 25w from my FT-847 into my Satellite Array. During the pass signals were coming in well, I worked a total of 4 stations – CT2GOY, F0FVK, SP6XSD & EA6SWportable 6. My Daughter gets very excited when I am active on the Satellites as you can see she is taking after her Dad and straight over for some radio hi hi.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
AO-7 Satellite QSO - Video
I was active earlier on the Satellite bands and made QSO with F6HRO, DG1EA, IK8YSS & OH5LK all via AO-7 during a 45° Pass.


My YL caught me on camera getting a little help from my new shack assistant as I Worked F6HRO & DG1EA via AMSAT OSCAR 7. My new assistant is showing signs of having good radio com skills already? Especially rotating & elevating my SAT Antennas. 73
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Monday, January 23, 2012
4U1WRC Special Call - On Air 23 Jan - 17 Feb
During my lunch breaks from work I usually get the chance to "ride shotgun" as my YL - Louise (M3TLL) picks me up from work and brings some lunch followed by a pleasant walk with our dog Dudley and baby daughter Elsie.

 I try to get 10 minutes of SWL-ing in as I eat my sandwich, catch up with Louise and grin like a fool at Elsie. Today however, we were waiting for a rainy spell to ease when I came across Nic operating  the World Radiocommunication Conference special call sign  4U1WRC

4U1WRC is operated at the station of  4U1ITU (International Telecommunication Union) which is located at thier headquarters in Geneva.
4U1WRC is only on the air from today 23rd of January until the 17th of February. There is a special QSL card to collect confirming DXCC Entity - ITU HQ EU 28 14.

Lucky for me I was told by ITU Op Nic that I was the first station to work the 2012 4U1WRC station, which was pretty cool especially from my mobile station.

Our QSO took place earlier today on the 20M band - 14.264MHz at around 12.12 utc. As usual the signals exchanged were nice and strong, I received Nic at 5/9+20 and my report was 5/9 solid copy.

I am still running the same equipment: YAESU FT-100 into a mono Band Maldol HFC 20 antenna. I have had several years of excellent results using the same radio and antenna that I got back in 2005.
I might consider changing the vehicle but the ham radio gear will be staying!

The FT-100 can be seen below

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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Shack B
With the dark days of winter nearly over we decided to head up to our moor top retreat to check on how things have been holding up.We have been getting lots of gale force winds lately however my antennas were all where I left them and still in good shape.

 Our hill top holiday shack is now becoming very interesting to our 10 month old baby girl, she spent the afternoon exploring the long corridor.  I got some spare minutes when she had a short nap where I managed to set up some of my other radio equipment.

 I shuffled my rigs around to find a pleasing lay out and then connected them up to my antennas. Shack B is now up and running ready for our visits up there once the WX starts to change.

I plan to be experimenting with various kit and equipment in the future but for now Shack B consists of: YAESU FT-2600M - X200 Vertical & IO Beam
YAESU VR5000 - 10 EL 435 Yagi
YAESU FT-767GX - Hustler 6BTV & 20M Delta Loop
HAM INT Multimode II - 10M Vertical

Listen out for me working portable from Shack B from spring time onwards, until then I will be operating from my QTH and hope to catch some of you somewhere on the bands! 73
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Friday, January 20, 2012
National Communications Radio System Cabin

I stumbled across the perfect portable radio shack and would love to have it parked outside. Someone will be grabbing themselves a bargain as the MOD (Ministry Of Defence) are having a surplus equipment sale.
Check out National Communications Radio System Cabin for more details.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
I hope you are all having a great New Year! Its been a busy couple of weeks and its great to be finally back here on my old ham radio blog catching up with some of my Ham buddies around the globe.

 Last year I fitted a selection of wire radials covering 40m through to 20M which have now become almost hidden in the grass. If you look carefully you can make a few blue radials out at the base of the mast in the picture above.

 I have been making up some additional radials for my 6BTV which I cut for 20m, 15m and 10m. This time I wanted to fix them slightly above the ground so I fed them directly at the antenna base where I used a mounting bolt as a stud to clamp too. The picture above shows the new radials attached and pinned to the ground which keeps them tidy as well as trip free.

 THE RESULT: My Hustler 6BTV now has a few more 1/4 wave radials and is working well on transmit as well as receive. During a test transmission I recently worked Ian - VK3MO again up on 20m at about 10.30 utc. As usual Ian was 5/9+.
 The 6BTV is also working really well on 40M as is my other antenna - Carolina Windom 80, its nice having the choice and switching between the two. 73 happy DXing
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