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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Sporadic openings on 6M, 10M, 12M & 15M
Today brought some long awaited activity to the usually quiet portion of the HF spectrum. From early morning the bands were at times busy with the sound of lots of stations from Europe working other stations and big signals were flying around, at last 6 meters SSB, 10 meters 12 meters and even 15 meters were alive.

I worked Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal on the lively opened up bands with good signals both ways. I did not hear any real DX but still I was more than happy to make plenty of European QSOs and I also got the chance to try out my other radio equipment at the same time.

I made the QSOs using the Yaesu FT847, Yaesu MD1 desk mic and around 50 watts into the Maldol 6 Band vertical antenna which is mounted outside with an excellent ground plane system. The antenna has been in my collection for almost three years and covers 40m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cms. The contacts that I made on 12 Meters were worked on the home brew 20m delta loop which was tuned with my MFJ 969 Roller Inductor Manuel ATU which worked very well.

It was a real pleasure to use the other HF bands that are exceptionally good when conditions are favorable. Hopefully the conditions will become Even better and 10M will be World Wide status again.

73 have a great weekend, Good DX to all who want it.

de Simon

Here Is The Maldol 6 Band Vertical

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Good Openings on 20M Most Evenings
Greetings Ham Radio People, thank you Nash and Tomas for the recent Comments they are always appreciated.

The past couple of months have been busy for Me at my workplace which as some of you know already it is a College . This time of year is when we have to make sure everything has been covered and our students will achieve their qualifications. So you can imagine theirs lots to do, I've also just about completed my first year on a part time University course. Which once completed next summer I will have a full Teaching licence and be able to continue practicing teaching in FE. So I have found myself getting in front of my HF Rig a bit later in the evening when usually 20M has closed.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been fortunate to find some good openings on 20M in the evening into the early hours of the following day.

Using the Hustler 6BTV and the Delta Loop I made some great QSOs with big signals exchanged both ways.



All contacts were made on 20M between 16.15 and 23.00 UTC, the majority after 21.30 UTC from my home station.

I used the Yaesu FT767GX and about 50W of output power, I received some good audio reports and comments about the Heil Goldline Mic I was running. The Home QTH has been back to normal regarding QRN, as noise levels have dropped back to Zero on 20M and around S-5 on 80M. The WX has been good so I believe the noisy conditions previously were down to a particular Wet Moor Land Earth I endured over the winter. Accompanied the rest of us Northerners, at last improved WX and Band conditions!

10 Meters has also been open around 18.00 UTC, with strong QSB and some big signals out of Europe. I havent heard anything Exotic as yet on 10M, but after 25 years of 11M before I got my Licence which was feb 2004, I know from experience there is a real good chance I will hear some distant stations coming through like a few VKs and ZLs.
10 Meters is a truly great band when it is open and I have had some good DX Contacts on QRP equipment in the past so I am looking forward to the Cycle getting some more momentum.

Well that's about it for now, I haven't been /Mobile for the last couple of weeks as the Kawasaki 750cc has been my Iron Horse on most of my journeys. The Mobile station is working well as mentioned in the lat couple of posts, so whilst the sun is shining, and the price of fuel is soaring, I shall be /Motor Cycle for as long as possible h.i.

Hope to catch you guys who are hams on air sometime soon, once again thanks to All for passing by Ham radio Blogspot.Com.

73 Listen out for me /Mobile and Home Base sometime soon on 20M.

de 2E0HTS Simon
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Saturday, May 10, 2008
HF Mobile Working Well

The radio installation in the vehicle mentioned in the last post which comprises of the Yaesu FT-100 Field Commando radio, it is fed by 12V and wired directly to the vehicle battery (In line Fuse Protection close to the battery).

Maldol HFC mobile mono band antennas, and a nice big ground plane (Toyota Estima vehicle body).

Good ground connections are essential to provide maximum performance and good SWR.

The method I use is, by using clamped on antenna mounts, that are grub screwed to something conductive, like a gutter or rear door which provides an excellent ground.

During the installation I had problem tuning the Maldo HFC antennas on all of the bands as well as creating RFI within the vehicle engine management system and music player.

I sourced the problem and found that the HF antenna mount had not pierced the Toyota paintwork on the inside door seam.

I tightened the two grub screws until the paint was penetrated and the bare metal contact of about 4mm diameter X 2 grub screws, was now providing a good ground connection.

The antennas were now fully resonant across the HF bands apart from the HFC 80m, which surprisingly seemed to be resonant over a wider portion of the band than in the previously installed Toyota RAV 4.

The RFI was now minimal, but I still fitted clamp on Ferrite chokes on most of the wiring harnesses that I came across around the Toyota "Brain" engine management system.

Good antenna grounding and the Ferrite's seem to have solved the problem and will hopefully protect the unit.

Even on the output power of 50 watts it is still possible to cause serious damage if these kind of precautions are not taken, so for the sake of a few pounds on ferrite's I was feeling Confident and itching to make some HF /Mobile QSOs.

Radio Operation was much easier now with the in-dash fitted FT-100 situated conveniently allowing VFO Tuning whilst on the move.

The greatest thing of all was the auto gearbox and steering column mounted shift lever, giving my left hand more opportunity's to engage the PTT.

Last weekend we were Camping in Anglesy which is an extremely beautiful Island located off the North Wales coast.

Anglesy always manages to treat us to a great time, with its beautiful beaches and radiant sunshine. It is also an excellent location surrounded by sea water which is more than likely responsible for putting out a good signal from my Mobile HF Station.

I worked some great QSOs with some good reports of a "good signal for a mobile" which was a pleasure to receive and also confirmed the new Mobile installation was working well.

During this last week The bands have become a bit more interesting and I have worked many Stations during my Work Run around 07.15 UTC and 16.45 UTC active on 20 Meters.

I managed to make Mobile Contacts with DX Stations from places like the MIDDLE EAST, RUSSIA, CANARY ISLANDS, USA, BELARUS, SLOVENIA, GREECE, UKRAINE, ANDORRA, and MOROCCO.

I am pleased with the Set Up and hopefully will continue to enjoy using the equipment for a long time to come, making many QSOs and contacts on the way.

73, Hope to hear you on AIR, Thanks for passing by Ham Radio Blog spot.com!
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Thursday, May 01, 2008
The New 2E0HTS Mobile
I have been considering a different vehicle for a while and I have been more than happy with the Toyota Rav 4, so the decision was difficult to make especially considering the performance of my mobile Ham Station with its three antenna mounts.

Eventually after careful consideration and Our love of travelling to nice remote scenic places that are great for radio, I decided to try another reliable Toyota. This Time I chose the Toyota Luicida, a 2.2 turbo diesel 4X4, fresh Japanese import. The vehicle is low mileage for the year and A1 condition, and with the price of fuel these days I am slightly better off by changing from a petrol 2.0 4x4 to a 2.2 turbo diesel 4X4. The MPV is also useful, spacious and very comfortable especially whilst CQing and catching a few Zs.

I managed to mount the FT-100 (Yaesu) into the dash by removing the Japanese banded radio tuner and cassette player, which then also allowed me to fit my Panasonic CD MP3 Player below the Rig. The Antenna mounts were clamped to the rear door without to much trouble and once I established a decent earth between the door and mount. all of my HF antennas tuned to 1:1 swr with ease (80m-10M Mono Band).

Here is the vehicle during last weekends test drive and Ham Radio test transmissions at Keilder Forrest North England/Scottish Borders. I have made a few QSOs on 20m so far working Greece SV, Israel 5Z, Italy IT, and Spain EA, and have heard Japan JA2 5/8 this morning. Yesterday and the day before I heard two Australian VK Stations coming through, I gave them all a Call but was unable to beat the pile up at the time with 50watts. I am looking forward to having lots of good QSOs whilst working Mobile.

Here you can see how my antennas are mounted, they are far enough down the side of the door to still be able to open it without the antennas touching the roof.

Here shows the position of the FT-100 which is mounted in the dash.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully I will have some DX contacts to tell of next post, until then bast 73 and C U AGN

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