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Sunday, December 29, 2013
20M Corner Fed Vertical Delta Loop

I hope you all are having a wonderful festive time, among the festivities I got an hours fresh air outside earlier when I fixed myself up with a very nice additional antenna.

Its coming up to about a month since I installed my old YAESU FT-890 neatly in the corner of our dinning/craft hobby room. I had strung up a 20 meter dipole at first and made a few qso's into Europe but noticed I was picking up some noise which spoiled the reception quality.  I changed antenna's from the dipole to a delta loop to compare and as expected the delta loop was much better with hardly any noise. I tested the loop for about a week until the YL noticed a corner tied off to the washing line pole which resulted in the "look" which translates to "move it now". So today I got my weights and rope along with the delta loop and began throwing a weighted rope up into a big tree which is part of a wooded area at the bottom of my garden. The land after my wall is a steep banking that slopes away into the woodland and is perfect for wire antennas and loops providing them with a nicely elevated take off.
I am pleased with the configuration that I managed which is a vertically mounted corner fed, inverted triangle - Delta Loop. The wire is hard drawn copper which was left over from an earlier project, the dimensions are indicated in the illustration  pictured above. I created the Delta Loop Instal illustration using google draw.
I have fed my new delta loop with around about 100ft of 50 ohm heavy coax terminating  into a homemade 1:1 balun at the delta loops feed point and back inside to my nevada tm1000 tuner.
My home made Delta loop is mounted using insulators and nylon guy strings that connect to the tree and CobWeb antenna mast as seen in the above illustration.The SWR is at 2.0 on 20M as I made it slightly longer to allow final adjustments which I shall do later, my tuner is good for now.
All thats left to do is enjoy the rest of the holiday season and have a quick play in between times. 73
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Monday, December 16, 2013
Have A Happy Ham Christmas
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World Wide Propagation Direct To My FT-857 Mobile

On my way in to work I was amazed to hear loud signals from every corner of the Earth. I received ZL1BD as well as VP8LP both on 20m at about 8.15 utc, (I have previously worked these guys). Shame I had to do a days work instead of playing radio, lets hope the bands are just as good during the two week holiday starting next week. Happy DX & 73.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Mobiling into PT Land Brazil!
On my way to work this morning the 20m band was wide open and I made a nice QSO with PT2GTI from Brazil. PT2GTI Roberto was 5/9+10 db to my mobile and I received a 5/9+ report back. A nice way to start my working day. 73
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Monday, December 02, 2013
My First HF Rig Still Going Strong

This little beauty has been hiding in the top of my wardrobe since I first moved in, I had almost forgotten all about my first ever HF Transceiver the YAESU FT-890.

I built a 20m dipole and went with the easy option of inverting the dipole fed with coax  from my sat array mast which is nearby on the outside wall. I hooked up my old Nevada TM1000 antenna tuner also tucked away in my wardrobe along with a brand spanking new 30 amp PSU I bought a few years back as a backup.

 Out with the soldering iron and the little setup was soon fired up and tucked away in the corner of our dining room. It is working well on 20m with the inverted V, I use the Nevada to tune the Inverted V for best reception on the other bands with ease as the old unit is well put together. I had always thought that the FT-890 was a great radio and I am planning on keeping it set up for a while. I can have a listen to the bands when I am sat at the table having a snack h.i.So far I made a QSO into Lithuania at a report of 5/9 with just 10 watts, so far so good. I'll keep you posted. 73..
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