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Sunday, March 12, 2017
M0YKS - 50 Years Young!

I do not quite know how it happened but I have seemed to have clocked up a few miles and have hit a half century already!

Oh well, it must be time to turn the music up loud and party on! And that was how M0YKS spent most of his day celebrating and giving thanks for 50 good years and still not counting.
It seemed a good idea as my girls had bought some some shiny new vinyl for my birthday to play on my old school HI-FI Reggae sound system.

Louise my loving partner got me something that she knew i would like a lot which was a nice neat little linear amplifier which works on 80m through to 10m with 200 Watts AM and 400 Watts SSB

The Amp came without the fan so I fit my own which just happens to light up red. I also wired a 30 degree temperature activating switch in line with the power feed to the fan which would prevent the fan from operating until the amplifier temperature begins to increase.

A close up of the thermostatic switch which rests nicely between the cooling fins of the amplifiers upward facing heat-sink 

The new amp is all set up, my Mum got me a 60 amp PSU to run the correct amperage which was another great present making my birthday one to remember every time I play radio. The amp puts out full power (400 Watts) on 80m and 40m, and around about 350 Watts over the rest of the higher HF bands which is more than enough as I have always operated low power since I began with radio.

Well that about finishes off my 50th birthday, all that's left is to scoff some more chocolate and enjoy the rest of the evening as I try to work out where the years have gone. 73 !

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