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Sunday, July 03, 2011
Latest YouTube Video: Operating From The Ham Radio Shack of 2E0HTS

The video above was filmed in my recently finished radio shack, I hope you enjoy it 73!

Video Information
Stations worked in the video are: LU1IV - Argentina & GI1CET/p - Northern Ireland.

Bands worked in video: 40m, 2m, & 70Cms

Equipment used; Yaesu FT1000MP MARK-V & Yaesu FT-847. Antennas used in these contacts were 5 element Yagi (2m) 15 Element X Yagi (70cms) and a Carolina Windom wire antenna (80m - 10m) 131 feet in length.

Thanks for watching and if you would like to see more amateur radio videos from my self, check out the 2E0HTS YouTube Channel
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