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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
DX on 15m - D68CCC Comoros Island

Beaming 135 degrees across Africa I worked into Comoros Island - D68CCC up on 15m mid morning from my shack. It is a new country for me and also a rare one taking it to up to 139 DXCC. The location looks wonderful, I am sure the MDXC Dxpedition have enjoyed there time operating from such a beautiful place.

Its half term at college and I am on holiday all week, so you can expect to hear more from me throughout the week as I catch the tail end of the world wide DXpeditioners that are still operating here and there. Best 73 happy Ham ing!
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Monday, October 28, 2019
CQ WW - My Hard Earned 68 DXCC

After browsing through my contest log I realised that some pretty cool DXCC popped up during the contest. My station was pretty awsome and I worked the same number of Zones as last year but gained on the Countries by three this time around.

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CQWW SSB Contest 2019

Despite conditions not being amazing I had a great weekend with lots of fun throughout the contest. My equipment worked well for me and I managed to work many DX during the CQWW contest. In total I made 319 QSO with 68 DXCC and 18 world zones entered in my log. I operated on 80 through to 10 meters using all three antenna setups. I was lucky enough to get plenty of time in and some great DX was caught over the weekend pushing my total DXCC count up to 138. I also caught lots of video footage of my participation,  I hope you enjoy it. Best 73
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Sunday, October 20, 2019
IRØISS loud and clear at MØYKS Ground Station IO93CU

I was able to catch two passes earlier of the ISS making contact with a school in Italy. The signal was 5/9+60db to my Yaesu FT-847 Earth Station and satellite antenna array. I caught the first pass on video which is in Italian, I understood some of it but dont speak much Italian lol chow! 73.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
DX On The HF Bands

I recently injured my back which is slowly getting less painful and to avoid aggravating it I have been resting up and monitoring the HF bands. I have heard plenty of DX stations from 80m through to 15m throughout the day and late into the evening. Propagation is definitely up and good reliable openings have made it possible to fully test out my equipment in preparation for the up and coming CQWW contest next weekend.

My DXCC count has risen to 135 as I have worked lots of stations over the past 10 days.
I listed a few of my recent favourite DX using my Yaesu FT-1000 and amp Running 400w into the 3 element Cushcraft MA5B were:

V31JW - BELIZE on 20M
A41NN - OMAN on 15M

The beam is excellent on the higher portion of HF and the recently constructed homebrew 80m dipole is everything I hoped it would be, im hearing N.America most evenings. The performance was put to the test with a 5/9 easy copy with VY2WW - CANADA on 80M just before bedtime.

Band conditions are much better than some might expect at this stage of the solar cycle, its definitely worth checking them out. I have had some nice qso with long distances involved on a variety of bands.

In the meantime I will be continuing to work as many rare and distant stations that are on air warming up the equipment ready for CQWW 2019. There will be plenty of new DX stations all week setting up and operating from their portable contest sites. I will be back with more shortly. Best 73. Happy ham ing.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019
17m open to Japan - JH1MDJ

I awoke this morning to a great start as I got straight into Japan working 5x5 signals both ways with japanese station JH1MDJ up on 17 m just now.
 The exact frequency was 18.156 and my Cushcraft beam heading was at 30 degrees.
I was running 400 watts from my Russian amplifier.
Let's hope this is a sign of improving conditions. It's been a long time since I heard Japan at least 2 years. This week radio conditions have been interesting, I worked Liberia and Belize taking my DXCC total up to 133 DXCC as M0YKS (last 5 years).
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