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Saturday, September 09, 2006
Radio Activity This Week
I started off this week listening to higher portions of HF around 14 - 14.350MHz and I was very pleased to have stumbled across some rare DX stations giving me a solid signal 5 and 9 was 8P6GU who was Haschel from Barbados. After chatting to him I went on to speak to stations in Honduras, Puerto Rico, Peru and the USA.

The best performing antenna seemed to be the Cobwebb which consists of the formation of a large spiders web laying horizontally. I also use a Hustler vertical which often works well into South America and a G5RV which is a 102ft long dipole fed with 300 Ohm ribbon feeder. The reason all my antenns work so well is probably due to my location which is right on the top of a small hill 1000ft tall hanging off the edge of a very steep drop. Radio paradise!

Finally I worked M0RHQ, an RAF station (RAF Linton-On-Ouse) this afternoon which was an arranged QSO. I managed to speak to some of the personnel and a small networked formed from stations around the UK. This was on the lower frequencies known as the 80m band.

73s for now. Thanks for reading this rubbish!
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