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Home made antenna tower project

I've been planning on building myself a small neat lattice tower and today I made a start. So far I have produced some guides that will hold the tubes in place as well as providing some strength to the tower. The next stage is to build it up using tube and then fully weld each joint.

CQ Dog Xray

Another good evening of DX on the 20 meter band as I work into North, South and central America. Once again the radio propagation is providing great conditions with some excellent signals coming in to my Ham radio station here at Baildon Moor. If you haven't already been on your radio this week I would recommend tuning around the 20m band between 1900 - 0000 utc. I have been making lots of good qso and so have lots of other radio amateurs as we all enjoy the long awaited reliable openings across the Atlantic every night this week. Dont miss out, get on the band! Best 73 and do you like my new CW key made by Bencher?

Plenty of DX!

It sure is great to be able to tell you that the past month or so has shown significant improvement regarding radio propagation and DX. I am still mainly active operating towards the end of the day and into the night after work and family are taken care of and for a long time the bands have not  been open for DX. Lately it has been a different story as the 20m band has finally come alive and  woken up for the night shift allowing regular state side QSO and also some big DX signals from Argentina, Chile, Peru and Japan. I also got a nice one on the short skip earlier as I managed a couple of hops again on 20m over to the Isle of Man when GD1JNB came in booming through like a local. The short skip wasn't around for long but was pretty cool whilst it lasted, as for the DX you catch me in QSO with LU9MBY from Argentina as I bust the pile up!