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Nice Opening On 20M

Tonight whilst doing the religious tune around the HF bands I was fortunate to come across the CQ Call of LU3DX - Luc from Argentina. I gave just one shout back and was surprised to hear Luc return asking for my Pre-Fix. We exchanged 5/8 - 9 reports both ways on 14.208 MHZ, the band was in good condition. I made the contact using: Yaesu 767GX Transceiver, Heil Goldline microphone, and 50 watts into a vertical Delta Loop. I seem to work the most DX after 10 PM local time and once again I timed it right for some more late night DX.

Working AO-51 Earth Orbiting Satellite Using QRP Equipment.

The 2E0HTS Ham Shack Gets a New Desk

Last week I finished building up my new office desk which was to be used to house both computer and radio gear. The desk assembly took long enough (flat pack), but the real work was re-fitting the radio’s, feeder’s, mike’s, and the rest of the ham radio paraphernalia. Since the re-arranging of the equipment has been finalised I have had the opportunity to play radio and last night I worked 9 US stations which most were 5/9. The new shack desk wasn’t stamped and approved until a visit and tinker around with the rigs and a quick swing in the chair by old mate Barry – 2E0OOC (Pictured above) had taken place. Once I could prise 2E0OOC out of the hot seat I managed to get back on 20m and play some more before the evening comes to an end. I wonder where the weekend went?

New Treads For The Toyota Mobile Ham Station

Today I used my holiday day off work to tinker with the Toyota to ensure many more miles of driving/Dx-ing. I started by fitting some new anti roll bar bushes as the originals have had plenty of stick with the 1.5 mile long dirt track to the qth. The rubber bushes were cheap enough and I easily fitted the new ones in both sides in just over an hour which included a tea break. Later in the day after testing out the now silent drive over the bumps I got 4 new tyres fitted and balanced, the mobile station is once again ready to roll. On board the Toyota Estima 4X4, I run two antenna mounts - HF & VHF, with a variety of Maldol and Comet mono band HF whips, as well as a watson dual band whip into a Yaesu FT-857 radio. Bands regularly used /mobile are: 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m & 70cms, I am mainly found on 20M more often than not but do get on the other bands as well. 73 have a great weekend and hope to hear you from my mobile!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have finally finished most of the jobs that I have had looming in the background at home which has kept me occupied over the last week. We now have a very nice Veranda to sit out on during the summer evenings were i will be able to play some radio (especially Satellite operations). I also have built a fantastic new office desk/shack bench which accommodates the radio gear and p.c admirably. Louise is highly suited as last week I built up a new sofa and chair where she can now be found usually semi horizontally. I have also set up an account on twitter and from now on I can be found here - Twitter 2E0HTS , hope to catch up with some of you soon. Now that things are settling down again I am planning on been active tonight on 40M from around 19.30utc, see you on the bands!

QRZ 40 Meters!

After having so much fun the other night I decided to play some more on 40M and ended up working many Amateur Radio Stations on 7.156 mhz (40M). I was also joined by local stations: Adam - 2E0LXA, Phil - M1PAC and Craig - M6CIW. Check out the latest video here: We had some great contacts with a lot of "rag chewing" going on and I was also called by some of my other radio friends over in Europe as well as lots of new contacts. A special hello goes out to Peter - DC2PM, Ton - PHoTR and Satellite buddy Steve - DL1YAL who were also on the band with me last night. Catch you guys later! Thanks to all Stations worked on 7.156mhz, all were big signals! 2E0LXA M6CIW M1PAC ON3TD/M OZ/DH8IJ G0KSS MI5JYK M3ULT M1JHG GW6GCK DC2PM 2W0TAR MI3OZX M0HEM MW3VQJ DL6AN PA3YH DL1YAL DJ5DC EI9JO PH0TR PA3FYI Hope to catch you all on the bands soon, I should be back on the Air tonight. 73 Have a great weekend

Foundation Licence Exam Success

Today Adam Hanson (pictured above) successfully passed the Foundation Licence exam at the College where I work. Adam has been with me in the Fabrication and Welding department for the last three years where he has just about finished his level 2 City & Guilds in Fabrication & Welding. During Adams time at the College he has also attended the College radio club where I am the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) registered instructor. Adam has shown a keen interest in Amateur Radio and has been studying hard for the exam. Well done Adam! I cant wait to work you when you get your new Call sign - M6??? It is nice to know that young Hams are taking the hobby seriously and will help to keep Amateur radio alive for many years to come.

New Doublet Working Well On 40M

please click on log to enlarge Last night was spent calling CQ on 40m, I was very pleased to make many interesting contacts on the band. I was very surprised how well my relatively newly installed 130ft home brew Doublet was performing and I made some great signal report exchanges. Many Stations were operating with only a 40/50 watts and the odd station was only running 5 watts. I managed to work into Europe - Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and European Russia. I also had some great contacts up and down G-Land working Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland with 5/9 reports both ways and sometimes stronger. Later in the evening I was called by a Canadian Mobile station from Halifax in Nova Scotia. All in all, the entire evening provided some great conversation both local and DX all on 7.175 MHZ. I like thank all of the Stations that came back to my CQ call and I shall be active tonight somewhere near by that frequency again calling CQ. Good DXing and happy weekend.

144 SSB Contest

Last nights VHFCC Contest was as good fun as usual on the 2m ssb band, I used the FT-847 and 30 watts into a homebrew IOIo loop antenna. Contest Title: 144MHz UKAC 2 Jun 2009 Section: UKAC Restricted. Number of QSOs made: 27. Claimed points: 4652. Multiplier: 10. Overall score: 46520. Best DX station callsign: G4WFR/P. Distance: 316 Locator: IO91DA click on log to enlarge Thanks to all Stations works and look out for me next month.

Aeroplanes and Radio

Last week was spent holidaying on the Welsh island of Anglesey. During our stay I was able to watch many aircraft come and go from RAF Valley which was right next to our campsite. I received quite a lot of interesting transmissions from the comms tower around 128MHz. Using my mobile station (FT-857) and numerous monoband antennas I was able to work many stations on HF and VHF. Amazingly I even worked as far back as my home QTH on 2m FM and had a contact with fellow CRAG member 2E0XLG Chris. Here are the stations I worked from my mobile during our stay: UA1AFT VASSILY 5/9 + 20M YU1HFG 5/8 20M C4SV 5/9 20M UW1GZ 5/9 20M UR5ZVP 5/9 20M HA1TNX 5/9 40M GI4MNA/P 2M FM 5/9 GB5BOO 2M FM 5/3 2E0XLG/P 2M FM 5/5 2E0MAS 2M FM 5/0 WIGAN G0PZO/P 2M FM 5/5 CUMBRIA M0OTE/M 2M FM 5/9 GW0EWN/P 2M FM 5/3 2E0EJF 2M FM 5/5 M0GGR/M 2M FM 5/5 All these contacts were great but as you can see, Dudley the greyhound was not quite so impressed!