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Dudley The DX Hound

Sadly My Beloved Companion and Loyal Friend Passed Away On Wednesday The 28th Of December 2016 Dudley was the best dog I could have ever hoped to have had the pleasure of sharing 13 years of pure happiness with. He will be in our hearts forever, My family and I are feeling very sad and hope the New Year brings some good times for everyone.

Christmas Eve QSO with Santa

Up early and checking the bands on Christmas eve, I found two nice stations to work. The first was Bob VP8LP located on the Falklands Islands and the second was Santa Claus operating as OF9X from the Arctic circle. My two young daughters were in the shack and heard me talking with Santa just before he gets ready to set off on his reindeer powered sledge delivering lots of presents.

Seasons Greetings 2016

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a great holiday!

5T5TI on 40m

5T5TI     Mauritania Ahmad 5T2AI and Vlad 5T9VB Tidra Island Mauritania It's always worth that last flick through the bands before bed. I just got lucky with a new DXCC in the log on 40m with my Hustler 6btv and 100 watts out of the FT-1000mp. Now it's time for bed 73