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West Mountain Radio - PWR Check - Installation

The installation of the PWR Check was simple enough, I decided to solder the connectors to the power leads which is better than crimping in my opinion. It was also a good excuse to get the soldering iron out and warmed up. Everything went to plan and I decided to place the PWR Check in line between my PSU and RM KL 405 amplifier. I made a video which shows how I chose to set up the latest tech from West Mountain Radio which as you will see works really well with a lot more than expected in the way of accurate readings on a very nice built in display and also as software on the computer monitor. As you can see from the video the PWR Check has lots of great features and is very easy to use and navigate through the different displays. I especially like the Wattage output reading which will be really useful when running my small linear amp, the different choice of displays are pretty cool and I can see the amp hour display being very handy out and about during mobile or port

Simple electronics keeps the kids busy

I made a simple circuit with bronze welding wire, a buzzer, LED and wire to test hand and eye coordination. My daughter loves it.

Unboxing of the mystery package

Continued suspense as I unveil the latest product from a company that has high rankings in the world of amateur radio and beyond. Watch the first of a series of video to find out what the latest tech is and who makes it, what it can do, how well it performs and finally where you can get one for your radio shack or mobile. 73

Mysterious parcel arrives from the U.S.A. containing the very latest radio tech

All will be revealed very soon and all I will say for now is that an exciting opportunity to review some of the very latest products available to enhance the amateur radio experience has developed. Keep an eye open on my ham radio blog later today to see what it is all about. 73

Bed time DX

I always try to check out the band propagation before I hit the sack and tonight was worthwhile. As I sipped my coffee I worked a couple of great stations - C31RH & WB2REM. I caught C31RH nice and loud down on 40m with my Hustler 6BTV and I then tuned up to 20m and worked Jim WB2REM 5/9 both ways using the FT1000 & 150W into the Cushcraft MA5B. Well thats all for now,  I'm off to bed, got work in the morning. Thanks to all for following my radio antics, I plan to be more active late evenings starting tomorrow and will make more of an effort to share my shack activity. 73 happy ham'in'_._ 😎

Sporadic E on the 10 meter band.

It's been a while since I lasted posted which has been mainly due to good wx and lots of outside tinkering. I have been busy building up an old school Kawasaki motorcycle as well as hanging out with the kids. At the moment I'm playing radio up at the holiday shack up on the Yorkshire moor tops. I have the trusty old YAESU FT-767GX fired up into a hustler 6btv and I'm catching some eu stations up on 10 meters (28 mhz). Sporadic e season is here which means the ionised layers and magnetic fields are capable of providing some interesting radio activity on the higher HF bands. I'll be back down at home shortly so I best make the most of the time I have here but before I go, here is a new member of the DX crew. She is called Fizz. I think Finn approves.