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QSL Gallery - Over 200 new cards added.

I managed to finally update 2E0HTS QSL Gallery  by adding over 200 new eQSL cards. Each QSL confirms QSOs made on HF and the VHF/Satellite bands. I shall be adding my Mobile and Portable eQSL cards shortly! Here is a preview of one of my Favorited DX eQSL cards that I received recently from VK7ZX. Check out the rest of the cards to see who and where 2E0HTS has been making radio contacts with. 73

Good Opening To The Northern Corridor Radio Group

Conditions seem quite reasonable this morning here on 20M in not so sunny Yorkshire. Earlier (07.51 utc) I sneaked my call sign in between a mass of stations as I worked VK6ANC - The Northern Corridor Radio Group . VK6ANC was being operated by Andrew during our QSO and was coming in well with a 5/9 +20 signal to my station. I also was doing well with my CobWebb antenna, my report back from Perth, Australia was a solid 5/9 signal. Lets hope the bands hold up for some more nice openings and tasty DX.

Bed Time Stories

I usually spend the last hour of the day unwinding with the sound of HF before hitting the sack. I enjoy listening to the different bands hearing lots of interesting stuff from the comfort of the shack chair, there are some great radio style bed time stories! Last night band conditions were wide open with signals bouncing in loud and clear from all over the place. I heard Australia at 5/9 as well as Argentina, both stations were on 20 meters. The USA were also coming in very well across the 20 meter band right through to 15 meters. As usual I switched between my 6BTV, Windom and CobWebb antennas checking to see which was working the best. The CobWebb seemed to be best last night as I tried it out during a QSO with  VP2EKG - Keith, from Anguilla up on the 17 meter band. I went on to work EK6TA - Hovik, from Armenia also with a big signal up on 17 meters. Yep, I was pleased to be putting out a reasonable footprint created by my little Webb antenna! Before I pulled the plug I wa