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New Award from - Master of Communications Europe

I recieved notification on a new award from "Master of Communications" Sounds awsome! LoL. Anyway I am happy to receive this cool sounding award. Best 73 catch you again soon.

Visit from M0OGY- Dave

Great to finally meet up with M0OGY Dave. After 10 years..... Looking good in my shack Dave!

CQ WW DX SSB Raw Scores

The Raw scores are in, I ended up with a reasonable score of 105,536. My rank has moved up a few places compared to last year's result. Who knows what next time will bring. Im happy with the score, it was very enjoyable, 73 catch you again soon.

80m Dipole - SWR Adjustments

The home made wire dipole that I recently installed was showing an SWR reading of 1:1 at 3.600 MHz. Higher up the band at around 3.795 MHz I was getting a reading of 2:5 which meant I needed my ATU. After the third time of lowering each end and cutting off 6inch lengths from both sides I got a much more useful range of SWR readings. The last Adjustments now read 1:1 at 3.700 MHz and 1:3 SWR on 3.799 MHz which is pretty much spot on. The original dipole legs were cut on the generous side in the first place which meant cutting/shortening each side equally. I did it this way to gain optimal performance on the frequencies I most want to operate on without the requirement of an ATU. It can be tricky measuring the exact length of wire needed as lots of factors can alter the SWR such as antenna height, angle, length of feedline. Location and objects near by etc. By making your dipole oversize it's easy to adjust each end to get the perfect SWR and also a good excuse to mess about