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Martinique - FM5BH on 17 Meters

I am pleased to report that conditions are again quite favourable for some evening DX as I just worked into Martinique on the 17 meter band.I was scanning the 17m band on my MARK-V Field and CW-80 antenna when I stumbled across FM5BH booming in with a 5/9 signal on 18.154MHz. His signal sounded great as he worked through a nice pile up of callers, I got through after a couple of calls receiving a 5/9 report back. I am spending more and more of my radio time on 17m these days and enjoying the band very much. I am pleasantly surprised how well the Carolina Windom works on that particular band especially into South America and the Caribbean. I hope to work some more DX stations soon and maybe catch a few on video. 73.

Operating The HF Night Shift

Over the last month I have been mainly active in the late evening time where I have spent my radio time mainly on the HF bands. I have managed some nice QSOs with reasonable conditions using the Ft1000MP MK-V, Carolina Windom and a mug of hot coffee. As usual a big thanks goes out to all stations worked. I decided to list a few of my favorites including the bands that I operated on. 17m - HZ1BL Saudi Arabia & FG5DH Guadeloupe. 20m - WA1P U.S.A. & CO6LC Cuba. 40m - OJ0OUR Market Reef, LU1IV Argentina & CM8AKD Cuba, I wonder where and who I will be getting in the September log? 73 happy DX!