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Merry Christmas from Ham Radio Blogspot


A YLs Guide to Christmas Gifts by M3TLL - Louise

Living with a radio ham means you instantly have ideas for Christmas gift buying. If you want to buy your radio amateur a hobby themed gift here are a few ideas you might want to consider. Ideas for Stocking Fillers * Anything with his callsign on it I can't begin to describe the joy on 2E0 HTS's face when he received through the post from an Slovenian ham friend (S57CW/S57ORG) a miniature Slovenian registration plate with his callsign on it. I can only assume the same would apply for any merchandise with his callsign written on it. A mug, a tshirt , a woolly hat for his DXpeditions . The possibilities are pretty much endless. * Earphones If, like me, occasionally you want some peace and quiet from the endless CQ calls and other amateurs tuning up then why not invest in a good pair of earphones. He'll think you care, you'll be able to watch telly in peace! Happy Christmas! * Stationery A radio ham always needs something to scrawl on and with. I learnt early on not