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Do You know What The Word HAM Means?

The word HAM is often used by many as a shortcut for amateur radio “ HAM RADIO ”. As a radio operators we call ourselves “ HAM ” or “ HAMS ”. The actual meaning of HAM is taken from the three pioneers that helped to make it possible for us all to become “ HAMS ”. The letter H stands for Hertz ( Heinrich Hertz ) who helped to develop the theory of electromagnetic waves . The letter A stands for Armstrong ( Edwin Howard Armstrong ) who was successful in inventing FM ( Frequency Modulation ). The letter M as you may have guessed already stands for Marconi ( Gugliemo Marconi ) who was the first to transmit signals across the Atlantic. H = HERTZ A = Armstrong M = Marconi

Antenna Maintenance

This time of the year here in the U.K certainly puts any outdoor antenna systems under a lot of strain from windy, wet, winter weather. I decided to do some routine maintenance on my antennas. The first job was carried out on the reasonably recently erected delta loop cut for 20meters. I took the loop down from the horizontal configuration, which also meant that the mast it was supported by which was also the fixing for my vhf vertical also had to come down. This allowed access to both antennas, so I began with the loop by shortening the overall length of the loop, which involved cutting 500mm of each length. The shape being triangular meant removing a total of 1500mm (1.5 meters) of wire and then re measuring each side of the loop to ensure that it was still divided into 3 equal sides. Each side now measuring 6.2 meters in length, giving a total wire length of 18.6 meters. Previously the swr had been at 5.0 on 14.200, the swr with the adjustment was now 2.0 a much more resonant leng

PSK Pleasure on 40 Meters

The Bands have been very unpredictable lately with frequent openings around late afternoon on HF. I was lucky enough to tune around 20m whilst driving home from work when I came across 9Y4W(Trinidad & Tobago). He was booming in 5/9, with a big pile up. I gave a couple of calls whilst on the move, and made the contact from the mobile. This was quite surprising in the middle of a pile up with only a simple mobile antenna. Later on during the weekend I worked LW9EOC(Argentina) on 15M using the FT-767, and Hustler Vertical from the QTH. The past few days have been difficult conditions during the evening time due to excessive QRN that I seem to be suffering from every now again. The noise levels have been unusually high, probably down to the extreme wet winter weather we have been getting up here in the North Pennines. It’s been gale force at times with frequent weather warning bulletins given out. The wind has visited my QTH quite a few times recently as well as some snow and more rain