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Good Result On The 80m Half Wave End Fed Inverted V Antenna

 This morning before work I was listening out for DX on 3.795Mhz at around 7:30 utc and heard two nice signals from North America. I managed to work both stations - W2VP and W9LF. The signal exchange from W2VP was (My sig) 55 out and John was coming in to my station with 56 signal.  W9LF was slightly further away and I was 5/6 at his end and Carl W9LF was 5/7. A great start to the day as headed off to work. This evening was even better as I made more 80m DX with Russ VE9FI with a signal exchange of 5/5 both ways. After that I was on a roll and worked a Net with K2RR Rich who gave me a 5/7 report, Rich was loud and coming in very well with a 5/8 signal. Next up was VE1CHW Rob, Rob was also strong with a 5/8 signal I received a 5/7 signal report back. I also worked Vlad UG5A 5/9 both ways and finished off with W2FFE Dave, again another good copy and a 5/7 exchange both ways.  The new EFHW Inverted V is certainly surprising me and seems better than the centre fed dipole which

Happy New DX 2024

I hope you're new year has begun well. I have been feeling much more like myself after being ill before and over the Christmas break.  My FTDX101mp has been getting plenty of use and I have been enjoying operating on 29Mhz AM. I have been doing quite well with my MA5B and 50 watts out working across the Atlantic into North America. I must say it is a very nice sounding signal on AM and it has great DX potential for an original old school mode that most have forgotten or never tried. How about giving 29.00 to 29.100 AM a listen and give it a go yourself. The best time to try is Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 - 16:00 UTC.  Other fun stuff that has been keeping me busy is the new 1/2 wave 80m inverted V with a 49:1 Transformer. I have been enjoying exploring it's potential and I am very surprised just how good it works at my QTH. I'm working North and South America easily on 40m as well as far East so far. On 80 it's strong across Europe and I have had a couple