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6Y5IC     Jamaica Wenty Bethune Kingston 10 Jamaica It was well worth checking the 20m band before bed as I worked into sunny Kingston Jamaica. A place that I have visited and hope to return soon, I have lots of friends up and down the island so it is a special treat to get 6Y5IC in the log.

PWRcheck - Performance Review

I have been using the PWRcheck analyser for a couple of months now and decided to share my views regarding the findings. The device is manufactured by West Mountain Radio and is constructed well in a cool case that's nice and neat with simple enough connections and controls. The device is definitely a handy tool that can be used in the shack, portable or mobile with any radio as well as other uses. For example, I measured how much power my motorcycle batteries held and how long my van battery would power my FT-857 whilst camping. The feature I like the best is the wattage reading which has been very useful. I have a cheaper type of HF amplifier made by RM. The PWRcheck allows me to monitor the power output of the amp and hopefully avoid blowing outputs. The digital display can be navigated through easily enough using the front panel mounted switches. It also has backlit on or off option to keep any portable battery drain to a minimum. I tend to use the PWRcheck