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A71A Qatar Amateur Radio Society Club Station

Once again conditions are favorable with some great DX to be made on 20m as I just smashed through a pile up with a 5/9+ signal into the station of The Qatar Amateur Radio Society A71A

Early Morning Mobile into VK3TJK

A great start to the working week as I pulled into the college car park in QSO /m with VK3TJK 

Late Night Short Skip Into EU - 124 Ramsey Island

I had another look around the 20m band before bed and noticed that conditions were up for short skip and DX communication. I could hear MC0SHL quite well so I decided to give a call and worked into EU-124 Ramsey Island, located off the coast of Wales. Great Conditions at the moment, short and long skip signals are coming in very well!  Unfortunately time has run out and now it's bedtime. Good Night & 73.

Amateur Radio Kids Day

I had a fantastic father's day today with my two lovely daughters and YL louise. I also got to enjoy my oldest daughter Elsie make her first radio contact using my call during Amateur Radio Kids Day The video shows my daughter getting on Ham Radio for the first time during Kids Day. Just after the video she worked into Kaliningradsk her first ever qso with ham operator Valentin - R2FAF 5/9 +. Well done Elsie!

Keeping Me On My Toes!

I have been slightly preoccupied over the last few weeks with the dangerous duo pictured above, I am guilty of having too much fun as my girls run circles around me and as a result of light summer nights haven't managed to do any blogging. As you can see both of my lovely girls are coming on well and I cannot wait to get home from work to be with my family and have fun playing in the garden. As for radio I have been enjoying operating both my mobile and home station under my recently upgraded call M0YKS. Both setups have been performing well and I have had some very nice DX contacts from my FT-857 mobile & FT1000mp base station. Back in march 6 weeks after my licence upgrade (my birthday) my YL Louise M3TLL bought me a rather cool present which was a large A3 World map where you scratch off the map's surface to reveal the Country beneath. This was just what I needed as I have restarted working all of the Countries (DXCC) all over again as M0YKS. The idea of scratch