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Nice to Meet you again on 40M

Last Night was awsome on the HF bands, Stations were coming in thick and fast from all over the Globe all the way across the HF spectrum.It was nice to work YV1RDX again this time from his home Station in Venezuela.The last time we made a QSO was when Julio YV1RDX was operating on a DXpedition from Aves Island.

New QSL Cards

Here is the design that My YL Louise M3TLL has done for Me,So its off to the printers and hopefully should have some new QSL cards to send out soon!

CQ DX With A Fantastic View

Operating from Hardnotts pass in the Lake District Many of us like to get out in the Countryside with Mother Nature.This Weekend i had a special treat courtesy of my loving YL Louise (M3TLL),Louise had booked us in to The Boot inn at Boot in the Lake District as part of my Birthday present and of course she insisted on me bringing a few Antenna's to try out my /mobile operations. I had some great contacts on the HF bands and as you can see the scenery is spectacular! Thanks Louise it was Brilliant

The Things We Hams Talk About

Last night i had a good solid 5/9 copy into U.S.A with Milt W3AEG on 20M from my home Station.I then decided to try some CQ calls on 80M for a change.My first contact was Steve M0EBJ who was located in Norfolk.We had a good rag chew and got on to the great subject of Motorcycles! I was glad to have met up with another Ham Radio Biker.I have been riding Motor Bikes since i was 13 and i am 40 on Monday so you could say I've been a biker for a while.This is the Motorcycle Steve M0EBJ is currently riding. This is my Long time friend i had it for many years its a 1985 Kawasaki GPZ750(now 810)cc.Its a bit of a handful but roars and rides like thunder in a straight line h.i. This is may Sports Tourer its a 98 Suzuki Bandit600cc,itsfast,reliable,good all rounder and very comfortable, Maybe ill work /M from my Motorcycle some time? I try ed it with my old CB when i was a teenager it was ok.73 have a good weekend

DXing on 20M SSTV

After a days work i like to get in, turn the computer and radio's on and see whats happening on the bands Tonight i herd W3 GG calling cq on the SSTV 20M band. I returned and sent my SSTV picture with his signal report and small image of his transmission. This was his next transmission Which Acknowledged QSL of my transmission And the final after a nice QSO 73 This image was a welcomed sight to my P.C monitor all the way from Venezuela

HF Band wide open

What a great weekend!many US Stations were worked during the ARRL Contest.The 20m and 15m band were in great shape this weekend from my home Station with excellent contacts up and down U.S.A. One Station from Florida was impressed with my genuine 5/8 report on 15M using 50w from the FT847 into the Hustler 6BTV.I recently added 4 half wave lengths of 6mm copper wire to the Hustler vertical radials which seems to be helping out with its repeated good performance. Last night was still active after the weekend contest i was pulling SSTV pictures from U.S.A and South America. A friend who is local to me,Karl G1YPQ made a good contact on 17M into the U.S.A on his G5RV as i was listening on the side.Its good to hear everyone having fun and taking advantage of the Bands been open. 73 until the next post.

Working EA5CFM from the /Mobile

This picture is Paco EA5CFM in his shack Whilst i was mobile this morning i heard 4Z5PG Station in Isreal calling CQ 20M,I responded from my mobile station and had a good QSO exchanging 5/8-5/9 reports with 4Z5PG.As i was in QSO a massive signal from Paco EC5CFM called in to me, so i QSY to another frequency and had another nice QSO.This was all on the way to work operating on the 20M band which was fairly quiet in comparison to last weeks DX that i worked.Its always a real pleasure making QSO with Stations all around the World from the mobile, and i thank all Stations that keep me company back and forth from my work QTH. 73 to all, have a good weekend