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M0PIR Wins The Microphone Tower

 I would like to thank all of you guys that entered the competition, it was a bit of fun to mark the end of lockdown and my regular weekly live streaming check ins. I'm sure you have all seen enough of me keeping you up late at night lol. So finally the time is here for at least a bit less of the live streams. lol.  I'm amazed how many of you guys have kept up. Thanks for the company throughout the past year and half of a very unusual time and we made it! Yeah!!! From now on as we move into the next solar cycle and summer freedom I will be doing the live stuff as and when I am in the mood lol, the same goes for the regular video recordings.  Anyway the answers to the competition for the microphone stand are: 1. My 1st Call - M3HTS   2, How many Valves in my amp - 2 3,What is my most popular YouTube video of all time - Hustler base station antenna used on my mobile  So a few got some correct and three of you got all of the right answers. Well done! I did a live draw on the YouTu

M0YKS MINI TOWER MIC Stand Competition


Ham Radio Activity - New Licensee in the Household M7ELC - M0YKS Mini Tower Competition

Well its been far too long since i posted here so I thought I best sort that out. What have I been doing lol. Lots of radio including livestreams, a few repairs and plenty of work. You might have seen on my YouTube channel that my eldest daughter Elsie has now become one of us and now holds her own Call sign at the sweet age of 10 years (only just as well). Her Mum M3TLL, Sister and I are all very proud of her amazing achievement. We have been working together throughout lockdown teaching Elsie and she has been an awesome student that's for sure! Well done M7ELC - Elsie. As well as playing plenty of radio I recently achieved the QRZ DX100  using only a microphone and antenna no digital modes or internet!  I have also had a bit of time to take down the satellite antennas and rotator for a 5 year service. This went well, I since refit the installation in a different more accessible location to the side of my QTH as well as replace a broken reflector and change the polarisation from