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Mills & Windmills on the Air Weekend

This Weekend was Mill and Windmill on the Air event which is quite interesting to me as I started off in a Textile Mill as a Maintenance Engineer when I was just 17 Years old. The Mill was very old and i had spooky experiences during the 8 years i worked there encountering a Ghostly presence on one of the many evenings i was working alone. THIS IS THE MILL I USED TO WORK AT IN BAILDON This weekends Event was very good and i would like to thank all who took part and put in the effort of setting up the special event stations up at the Mills and Windmills. I made contact with 16 Mills and Windmills all on 80m , here are the call signs of the Stations worked.... GB2PWW,GB2GW,GB2TMI,GB0ETM,GB5HW,GB2NW,GB0HPM,GB2GG,GB0MW,GB2ARW,GB2UW,GB2BWT,GB2FWM,GB0EM, GB0SNM AND GB0WSM.... Once again many thanks to all involved and a special thankyou to Cliff (GB0WSM) who put a fellow Mill Engineer Derrick on the radio for a good rag chew about Mills and Mill life. I am looking forward to the next time!!

QSL 100%

As you can see i am very pleased with my recent delivery of 500 QSL cards from QSL Factory.The Cards have been custom made with a design created by my ever talented YL Louise M3TLL,if you would like one listen out for Me on the Bands and I will send one to You. 73 and hope to work you on Air soon. If you are a SWL and here me on You can get one too! send me an email you can get the address from looking Me up on