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Another fantastic CQWW SSB weekend with more stations active than ever,  I was having so much fun operating alongside Elsie M7ELC and we were both making plenty of DX operating short shift patterns as we kept the hot seat hot with my FTDX101MP and Cushcraft MA5B antenna. I did reasonably well as you can see my QSO footprint for 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. I made 500 QSOs, in total worked 21 zones and 87 Countries across the globe. Saturday was the best day for DX but day two was still quite good in some directions. M7ELC was very patent and waited, called, waited again called some more and persisted. In the end she racked up 20 zones in her log. A pretty good effort once again and a lot of fun seeing her get mad at times when she struggled to make the contact. Her high pitched tones certainly assisted her signal well as she punched through the ionospheric layers. Thanks to everyone that we managed to work during the contest.  See You Next Year! CQWW SSB. I listed the  87 Countries (8