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Testing Out The New Satellite Antenna

Here is a quick video of the latest satellite gear in action. The first Call I made is through SO-50 on FM, followed by 3 QSO using SSB via VO-52 with SQ9MES - IW4BIF - EA6SA.

Thanks for all the comments regarding this project, as you can hear in the video I am getting my signal into the satellites quite well with the Ft-847 and Tripod array. I hope to work some more of you via the "birds" as its always a pleasure to catch some of you guys that actually follow my crazy antics. 73 Happy DXing and SAT Chasing.

Vertical Polarisation Is the Icing On The Cake

I have been having some good results with the latest Satellite array but still found AO-51 a little difficult at times due to the regular European pile up hi hi.

However, after receiving an interesting comment from Tom - F8COD regarding the Sat antenna set up, I decided to act on Toms advice and have a tinker around with the 145 Yagi.

Tom - F8COD advised me to try vertical polarisation instead of horizontal on my Yagi antenna after noting better performance on his own satellite array.

I set the 145MHz Yagi vertical and since then I have been hitting AO-51 with ease. I have also had some excellent QSO's via AO-7 and VO-52 on SSB. I am really impressed how well the Tripod mounted system is working. Merci Beaucoup Tom! Catch you via the "birds" soon!

Weather View From NOAA 15 Received Sunday 20th March at 16.50 UTC - Over N.W Europe


Video Tour Of Simon's New Shack And Antenna Systems

Earlier I got lucky in between a nappy change when I worked TJ3FC - Cameroon on 12 meters using my Carolina Windom antenna and FT-1000MKV. I Hope you like my second station its slowly taking shape and getting nearer the finishing stages. I shall hopefully finish off soon by fixing the SAT antenna and Tri-band Vertical up on the house.

Its a Girl!

Finally after been two weeks late I am proud to be able to tell you all, we were blessed with a beautiful Daughter.

She is only 3 days old and is already practising her CQ call as seen in the picture. We were up early again listening around the bands for some rare DX All the best from a very Happy Ham Family. 73