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Wednesday, July 08, 2020
HF Amplifier repair

Last week I had a slight misfortune with my GI7B valve amplifier. As I was coming to the end of a session in the shack I had made the mistake of operating without the cooling fan on full speed which resulted in a resistor overheating whilst tuning up during a change of band. I ran a bit too much anode current during a tune up which combined with the lack of cooling was too much to get away with.
The followin day, I took a careful approach and inspected the amp thoroughly for any other damage. The resistor, a 2watt 1ohm resistor was easy enough to replace and once I completed the repair and replaced the fuse I was back up and running. Whilst I had the amplifier apart I took the time to clean out the accumulated dust and also got to know exactly how it all functioned. Simple enough and very well constructed.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020
This Weeks DX Summary

The past few weeks have flown by, I have continued working online with my college students and staff which has been very busy and productive. On an evening I have made the most of the DX opportunities and managed some great DX most nights. Check out the past couple of weeks log entries...... Lots of Great DX....Plenty of decent into G conditions also.....

I have been catching my DX action on video and live stream on both my Ham Radio YouTube Channel and Facebook Group Ham Radio Operator Live Streams.

You can catch a couple of the videos here:

The bands are certainly picking up late on in the evening at the time I like to be active and I keep getting some great Stations in the log. I have also enjoyed meeting a lot of you guys on Facebook and getting to know you all a bit better. Thanks!
Have a great weekend Catch you soon 73! M0YKS Simon
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Monday, June 01, 2020
Demo Of How To Work SSB Satellites

Hi everyone hope your enjoying the sunshine and if your reading from across the globe heading into the winter months I hope you are also having a good day. Its the hottest day of the year here in Baildon W.Yorkshire UK. I awoke this morning in my garden camping which was fun with my family, shortly after I was active on the Satellite bands trying to make a QSO. I did not make QSO this time but did get my signal into XW-2B quite nicely.

If you want to see the way I use CW to help locate my own signal on the down-link satellite band watch the video. I find this is the easiest way of getting a good up-link to the satellites that operate linear SSB transponders which in simple terms means: TX-UP On 435.100 LSB &  RX-Down 145.740 USB. Most SSB Satellites operate with both USB and LSB. The frequency is for XW-2B not all SSB Sats.

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Out Of This World

What an exciting weekend

Hope you're all well, as you can see I have been having fun with the family watching the launch followed by camping in the garden.

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Friday, May 29, 2020
Online Streaming From The Shack


Just a quickie to say how grateful I am of the online company and friendships especially in lock-down when we are not able to socialise. Thanks for watching the YouTube Videos and also joining me on the live stream on Facebook. I cant believe how many of you out there are coming on board! Its truly fantastic, best 73 have a great day! See you all on the next video or stream. Simon M0YKS.
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Friday, May 22, 2020
Active and Well

Hope you're all well and safe during our World changing pandemic. On a positive I have been keeping my students from college engaged in online studies and experimenting with online streaming as well as using video to assist my learners.

I haven't done much if any live streaming previously so as you can imagine it's been quite good fun trying it out. Before I was a licensed ham I played music on a local broadcast station for 20 years and I have all my music as well as some new stuff. So I hit the decks and tried some live streaming on Facebook to a few friends. I must admit I have enjoyed it a bit too much lol. For information I play reggae.

I used the DJ setup to familiarise myself with Facebook live and see how I could get a clear and quality sounding audio with a view to trying it all in the shack. This turned out fairly cool and I have since live streamed my station on air working DX. The next thing that I thought I would have a look at was a group page to put the shack stream on where others could watch or add their own shack stream. So.....I created this group for anyone to join. Follow the link if you would like to listen or participate.
Ham Radio Operator Live

I will still be making my usual videos of DX and other Ham radio activities on my YouTube channel the Facebook streaming is an additional option to follow the latest antics from myself M0YKS Simon. Stay safe. Get a radio. 73
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Tuesday, May 05, 2020
20m Is Back - Late Night DX

The past few evenings have been awesome up on 20 meters and also 17 meters has been good with reliable openings into the USA, Caribbean and South America. I also heard VK3MO two nights running and tonight I squeezed a quick QSO in with Ian before he had to do some work over there down under.

My log shows some great DX over the past week all of which have taken place late in the evening.
K1JB2020-05-0320mSSBFN43upUnited States
K1TIG/M2020-05-0320mSSBUnited States
AK1W2020-05-0320mSSBFN42ebUnited States
NP4ET2020-05-0320mSSBFK68olPuerto Rico
KC1KUG2020-04-3020mSSBFN43LJ32United States

I also made a couple more videos of my latest antenna set up as well as some late night DX fun which are available below to watch. Best 73 stay safe!

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