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I have got myself a new radio buddy

I didn't quite get his call?

Schools Out For Summer!

I have been having a good summer break away from my workplace and we have been camping in the van, riding on steam engines buying and selling motorbikes and generally having lots of fun up at the holiday caravan/shack. Camping in the DX machine on the East Coast at Runswick Bay. Back in time on the worth valley steam railway More holiday shack fun as well as getting on my FT100 Portable station from our hilltop retreat And finally I sold a couple of my old motorcycles in order to purchase myself a new toy which is absolutely awesome to ride. I still have a couple of weeks left before I have to think about going back to work. The DX machine is fuelled up with diesel, food and water as well as a few other creature comforts. The family are ready and willing to go wherever we fancy so listen out for M0YKS maybe at home, /Portable or /Mobile. 73