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M0YKS Active OnThe Bands Over The Easter Holidays

M0YKS - Active Throughout Easter:  Spring is in the air and I am about to start my two week holiday away from College for Easter. I have already worked some nice DX as well as European amateur stations and my radio equipment is working well and is in fine fettle. I tuned the length on my Carolina Windom 80 earlier this afternoon, I shortened the long end by 100 mm and it is now operating at a SWR reading of 1:1 on 40m and 80m. Yesterday I trimmed my hedges and cut the lawn and got the opportunity to tidy up the radials attached to my HUSTLER 6BTV, I made sure they were fully stretched out and I also cleaned the connections at the antenna base. My Cushcraft MA5B is also doing a superb job since I increased its height a couple of months ago, I have been much more successful in getting into distant stations during pileups. Finally regarding the station my FT-1000 is working well on 10 Watts into the KL405 amplifier giving me around 200 - 250 Watts out which seems quite adequate for now