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Climbing The Ladder

Over the past twelve months I have been carrying out a different job at work which has been temporary for 12 months. Earlier this morning I attended an interview where I competed for a permanent position in teaching. After a good interview and teaching session in front of a panel of managers, I am proud to be able to inform you all that I was successful in obtaining the position of welding and fabrication lecturer. Perhaps some of you regular followers have been wondering what has happened to 2E0HTS due to the lack of posts. I can confirm I have been trying hard to better myself and can now get back into posting more regularly here on my Ham radio blog now that my future is looking good! 73 thanks for passing by.


A very nice start to Saturday, at 0802 utc I worked 5N7M - Ivan operating out of Abuja in Nigeria on 18.145 MHz. Ivan heard me on my first call and we exchanged 5/9 and 5/7 reports. 73 Good DX!

Latest Model Please Dad!

You guessed it......She's a YAESU kinda Girl!