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Latest eQSL Gallery Update

According to my Doctor I have been suffering from an "acute respiratory infection" for the last 10 days which will clear up once I have completed all of the prescribed meds. Unfortunately I have not been working or playing and today is the first day that I managed a quick QSO in my shack since I first started feeling ill. I made a very short QSO as I worked HZ1BL in Saudi Arabia up on 12 meters at around 10:40 utc using my FT1000 MKV mp and Cobweb antenna. I have worked HZ1BL previously on 40m, 20m and of course 12m. After that I thought I would check my eQSL account to see how many cards I had waiting. I found around 50 eQSL's which I added to my Online eQSL Gallery Here are a couple of my favorites from my latest batch. Thank You if yours is amongst the many eQSL cards that are on display which can be found by following the link above.