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Hustler 6BTV - New Radials

HF radio conditions have been pretty grim on an evening back in the shack lately so I decided to try and optimize my Hustler 6 Band Trap Vertical in the hope that I may get a bit more of a helping hand on the 40 meter band. My new Pup Finn is already showing interest in antennas and is inspecting the new radials for size! I decided to go with the recommended radial sizes seen below taken from the Hustler 6BTV user manual. I used some 2.5 mm multi-strand PVC coated copper wire which is typically used in electrical installations. With the help of my larger soldering iron I was able to join three radials to two sides of the mount giving a total of six radials which worked out as, two for 40M, two for 20M and two for 10M. I might add some more bands later as the result so far are providing excellent SWR readings less than 1.2 without the ATU. I just need some half decent conditions to get some good DX signal reports down on 40M and I shall post the outcome. In the meantime check

M0YKS Mobile - ZL1BD New Zealand

On the way in to work I was fortunate to get my 100 watts and FT-857 /m heard by  AL - ZL1BD  I have been hearing AL ZL1BD on and off in the mornings for the past week or so but today was especially good conditions as his signal was peaking at 5/9 as I drove over Baildon Moor. I had a good couple of overs into Hamilton New Zealand and received a 5/3 signal report back to the van. The Shack of ZL1BD AL

Puppy Love

Hello from Finn, our new 8 week Lurcher pup. Finn will soon be learning about Ham radio, especially portable operations once he is big enough to embrace the great outdoors.