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Signal Report From South Korea - HL2-0112B

This morning I was pleased to receive an email form Kwon -HL2-0112B from South Korea. Kwon had received my signal whilst I worked OZ/DB4ST  up on the 20m band. I will be writing out a QSL card for Kwon shortly, thanks for the report Kwon! 73 to South Korea hope to make it to your SWL station again soon Thank You!

Nice DX Opening Into Montserrat and USA - Late Night DXer

Messing around in the shack late night DXing paid off again,  I caught a couple of nice QSO just now into Montserrat and the USA. First I worked Micheal W3MLJ operating on a remote station he was 5/9. After that I worked Frankie VP2MNI who as usual was booming in with a solid S9 from Plymouth Montserrat. Both stations were worked on the 20m band. Thanks for the QSO guys!

Face Lift For Longest Running Ham Radio Blog In UK

I had tried my best to avoid any changes to this well established old blog of mine, but due to constant changes such as templates and securer viewing and privacy settings I have been over ridden by blogger and the whole blog has had a makeover. This happened of course without my blessings or consent but I suppose It was inevitable as more and more people bin their PCs and browse the web on phones, tablets and I-pads. I myself do use all of the above apart from I pad due to costs lol But! I also still do most things on my desktop Windows 10 PC and have no plans to get rid of it! So, here it is.....Bloggers supposedly better template which is pretty basic without the cluster and ISS tracking and of course very well visited flag/site meter no longer with us "Doh" Thanks To Everyone that has passed through since 2006 and hopefully will still continue to do so! Check back soon I should have got over the shock by then and be posting HAM Radio Epic Content lol. Best 73 S

How to work Amateur Radio SSB Satellites - Demo Video By - M0YKS

You may have missed me on the Satellite bands as my antenna required a bit of maintenance which I managed to get sorted yesterday! It was not my favourite pass time but all went well and I was back on the satellite bands later that same day. I made a little mini Satellite series on video which starts with PT1 - a antenna test and demo - Moves on to PT2 - How to make an SSB Satellite QSO - Ending with Part 3 which was an actual QSO Via an SSB satellite with Peter 2M0SQL. You may find this useful if your new or thinking of getting into the amateur satellite bands: PT1 - Satellite Antenna Maintenance PT2 - How to work Amateur Radio SSB Satellites PT3 - XW - 2A Space BIRD Amateur Satellite QSO with 2M0SQL - M0YKS

Ham Radio Poems by M3TLL

Ham Radio Poems by M3TLL Louise There's a voice inside the static And it's calling out CQ CQ DX is anyone there? He wants to speak to you You've set up your antenna You're receiving loud and clear You're going to call out to the voice That you can loudly hear You shout out your callsign He says he can hear you fine Receiving you above the noise Your signal's 5 and 9 You exchange all of your info Find out what you want to know Say 73s and 88s QSL via the bureau A new one for 2020 QRZ? Keep calling I hear you in the noise Conditions might be changing As I can hear your voice I know it is frustrating Keep trying you'll get through I can hear your voice in there  As I call CQ It doesn't matter where you are I just like the conversation  So keep calling, hopefully We'll have good propagation  I want to get you in my log And to hear what you've got to say So please keep trying to get through Point your antenna this way

HF Amplifier repair

Last week I had a slight misfortune with my GI7B valve amplifier. As I was coming to the end of a session in the shack I had made the mistake of operating without the cooling fan on full speed which resulted in a resistor overheating whilst tuning up during a change of band. I ran a bit too much anode current during a tune up which combined with the lack of cooling was too much to get away with. The followin day, I took a careful approach and inspected the amp thoroughly for any other damage. The resistor, a 2watt 1ohm resistor was easy enough to replace and once I completed the repair and replaced the fuse I was back up and running. Whilst I had the amplifier apart I took the time to clean out the accumulated dust and also got to know exactly how it all functioned. Simple enough and very well constructed.