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Is This Frequency In Use?

The past few days has brought interesting conditions to most of the HF bands. I spent some time checking up and down the bands to find: 50Mhz - SSB Open 29Mhz - FM Open 28Mhz - SSB Open 24MHz - SSB Open 21MHz - SSB Open 18MHz - SSB Open 14MHz - SSB Open Its great to hear plenty of radio activity coming in on the higher portion of the HF bands, its been a while since I struggled to find a clear and empty frequency. Happy DXing have a great weekend!

Live feed from the shack

Over the weekend I was tuning around the HF bands from my shack when I came across quite a few special event stations. I decided to have a go at streaming the received signals live from my shack via the internet using Ustream. I started off with the odd viewer and once I announced my live stream feed on Twitter it wasn’t long before I had a reasonable audience (47 in total). I began streaming the live signals I was receiving on the HF bands which turned out well and allowed other operators to compare my received signals to the signals that they were receiving at their locations. I was pleased to hear that many signals were coming in on my amateur radio equipment very well compared to the sigs received at the viewers end as I was quickly informed by one of Ustream live feed viewers. I was then asked by Twitter pal and software designer Scott “Satscape” Hather to stream some live Satellite operations via Ustream demonstrating how to make qso with amateur satellites. This worked out very