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Online Streaming From The Shack

THANKS FOR JOINING ME ONLINE! Just a quickie to say how grateful I am of the online company and friendships especially in lock-down when we are not able to socialise. Thanks for watching the YouTube Videos and also joining me on the live stream on Facebook. I cant believe how many of you out there are coming on board! Its truly fantastic, best 73 have a great day! See you all on the next video or stream. Simon M0YKS.

Active and Well

Hope you're all well and safe during our World changing pandemic. On a positive I have been keeping my students from college engaged in online studies and experimenting with online streaming as well as using video to assist my learners. I haven't done much if any live streaming previously so as you can imagine it's been quite good fun trying it out. Before I was a licensed ham I played music on a local broadcast station for 20 years and I have all my music as well as some new stuff. So I hit the decks and tried some live streaming on Facebook to a few friends. I must admit I have enjoyed it a bit too much lol. For information I play reggae. I used the DJ setup to familiarise myself with Facebook live and see how I could get a clear and quality sounding audio with a view to trying it all in the shack. This turned out fairly cool and I have since live streamed my station on air working DX. The next thing that I thought I would have a look at was a group page to put th

20m Is Back - Late Night DX

The past few evenings have been awesome up on 20 meters and also 17 meters has been good with reliable openings into the USA, Caribbean and South America. I also heard VK3MO two nights running and tonight I squeezed a quick QSO in with Ian before he had to do some work over there down under. My log shows some great DX over the past week all of which have taken place late in the evening. VK3MO 2020-05-04 20m SSB QF22fr Australia FG4SO 2020-05-04 20m SSB FK96GH68 Guadeloupe VE3CRG 2020-05-03 20m SSB FN15wc Canada K1JB 2020-05-03 20m SSB FN43up United States K1TIG/M 2020-05-03 20m SSB United States FG4SO 2020-05-03 20m SSB FK96GH68 Guadeloupe AK1W 2020-05-03 20m SSB FN42eb United States NP4ET 2020-05-03 20m SSB FK68ol Puerto Rico 8P5AA 2020-05-03 20m SSB GK03fd Barbados 8P6NW 2020-05-03 20m SSB GK03ed Barbados 8P6NW 2020-05-01 17m SSB GK03ed Barbados 8P5AA 2020-05-01 17m SSB GK03fd Barbados PJ4DX 2020-05-01 17m SSB FK52ud Bonaire CO8LY 2020-05-01 17m SSB FL20ca Cuba