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Ten Meter Band - Late Shift

A nice surprise just now as I worked across the Atlantic into Eastport in Maine USA on 28.400 Mhz better known as the magic 10 Meter band. I worked Ray-W2RE with his massive antenna array with a 5/9 signal exchange both ways during a nice pile up at around 22:12 utc, which is most unusual on that band at most times of day h.i. I also heard K6JO and gave him a shout but struggled to make a proper exchange as I lost his signal which was only 5/1 at best. Nether the less a nice late night DX catch on a most unpredictable band.

Operating from GM/MM

The DX machine will be getting packed and ready for another adventure up north. The holiday times are here again and we will be planning on hitting the road and operating the Ham mobile station from Scotland on 40m, 20m & 17 m as well as the 2 meter band. Keep an ear out for MM0YKS/M or P.

Early Morning DX into Hawaii

I usually switch my transceiver on around about 6.00 UTC most work days as I eat and prepare for work. Today was extra special as I heard a 5/5 signal coming in on the 20m band over the north pole from the north Pacific area. The station was KH7XS who was working on a split frequency and operating by numbers. I was quick to act and fired up my valve amplifier as I new it would need a few minutes to warm up first. So with a mouth full of wheat, oats, raisins and bran I waited for number zero to be called. With one call I was straight through with a 5/6 to 5/5 signal report with my FT-1000, Russian amp and cushcraft 3 element yagi. A great start to my working day for sure and 127 DXCC logged so far under M0YKS.  A short video made just after my qso.