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Latest RSGB UK Band Plan

The RSGB has published new band plans for the UK amateur radio spectrum which covers frequencies from 136kHz to 250GHz.  Copies of the band plan is freely available to all (including non members) via the Operating section of the RSGB website. You can also view the latest band plan here    which I have added to my Amateur Radio Portal  archives. 73!

A Nice Way To Start The Day

On my workbound journey this morning I got lucky when I made QSO into ZL land from my mobile Ham radio station. As usual I was listening around the 20m band on my FT-857 searching for interesting stations when I came across Al, ZL1BD. At approximately 08.15 utc I gave a call back to ZL1BD's CQ call from my mobile and was heard at Al's station in Hamilton, New Zealand. My signal report was 5/6 and Al was coming in at 5/8-9 to my mobile as I drove my car. Al mentioned it had been two years since our last QSO which I still remember well. It surprised me just how quickly the time had passed.  I was very pleased to make the contact again this morning especially as my Yaesu FT-857 recent install seems to work well. Finally I can feel confident that it is as good as my beloved FT-100 which is having a well deserved rest (for now h.i). It sure is great fun operating mobile and never ceases to amaze me how well you can get a signal to radiate. Who knows what tomorrow mornings mobile

Latest Batch Of Shack & Mobile eQSLs

I just finished clearing out my eQSL archive and have uploaded my latest QSL cards to view at my Online gallery. 

Fresh Off The Keyboard For 2014

Happy New Year To All From 2E0HTS & Family I wanted to kick the new year off with the official launch of my latest online project which is a Ham Radio Site containing lots of useful content such as live satellite tracking, downloads and lots more. I shall leave the rest for you to explore yourself at:   2E0HTS HAM RADIO SITE Don't worry friends and followers, I shall still be active blogging right here as usual, but for those of you wishing to access a lot more regarding Ham radio in general as well as my station I shall be continuously providing quality updated ham radio content at the all new 2014 2e0hts ham radio hub . 73 Have a great 2014!