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Nice to hear the 40M awake with Ham radio activity once again on an evening here in Yorkshire.

Just thought I would drop by and have a quick catch up with you all. We are all back at work and school after a couple of weeks of having covid and other than been very tired on an evening nothing too bad to report, other than its a slow comeback. As for the radio activity I have recently spent a considerable amount of shack time working the satellite bands. Since I carried out the antenna work on the satellite array over the summer I can say my satellite operation has been awesome. The signals are much improved both on TX and RX and I have made many excellent QSO on SO-50, AO-91, ISS, RS-44, XW-2 Sats. I definitely cannot wait to be back on the satellites over the Christmas holidays as the passes are now more frequent in the day time when I am usually working. The good news is there are only two days to go and the holiday period at college starts! Yay hay! I have checked the 40m band out most evenings and although I have been tired and not feeling like calling CQ I have worked a coupl

Looking Forward to 2022

As we say goodbye to another weird year of disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic, ironically everyone has caught Covid In my household including myself. The good thing is we seem to be not too ill just temperatures, aching and fatigue so far. As for ham radio it has been a good year for sure. I have enjoyed the next solar cycle starting up and have had plenty of good DX on HF. My activities via Space has been good with great results into the Satellites and ISS as well as improving the reception by moving the antenna array. I would say my /M operation has been less than I would have hoped for which of course is down to the fuel prices being unreasonable here in the UK. Our Government is determined to limit our travel one way or another. I will be glad when this year is finished with for sure, let's hope 2022 heads us all in a much more desirable direction. The best thing for me of 2021 is M7ELC Elsie my daughter getting on the air and not much else can beat that happ