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eQSL Award

Ive been using eQSL for about three years and i am currently a Silver Member.During this time i have had the pleasure of receiving many eQSLs and also sent them off to DXCC all over the Globe. I recently received an eQSL eDX Award for confirming 33 DXCC,and i am well on my way to obtaining the eDX100 Award,there are other eQSL Awards available to Hams and SWLs. To find out more visit the eQSL site via the link at the right column. You can become a member of eQSL for free and for a small donation you can be a Bronze,Silver or a bit more cash gets you Gold status.Membership allows you to upload your own designs and other privileges. Its still nice to receive paper QSL Cards and Ive had quite few of them lately via the Burro and a few direct.Many Thanks to all Stations exchanging both QSLs and eQSLS all are returned. And finally some development on my search for a QSL Card Printing Company has finally come to an end with success with a Company here in U.K QSL FACTORY The service so far h

Well Received Comments From Ken N2OBY Fellow HAM & Motor Cyclist

Simon, Just wanted to say hi from the other side of the pond. Name here is Ken N2OBY, QTH is Fishkill, NY. I've been following your blog for a few months now and look forward to working you on the air. I ride also - 1986 Honda VF1000R & '84 VF1100S (V65 Sabre). In the process of re-working my web site, but you can see the 1000R at My XYL Lisa and especially loved seeing the video where you and Louise took Dudley to the beach! Cats & dogs rock - along with radio and motorbikes! I was stationed in England at RAF Welford from 1982 - 85. That tour began my lifelong love affair with the UK. Been back a few times since. Favorite areas are North Yorkshire and the Lake District. Would love to win the lottery so that I could move back there. ;-) Again, I look forward to meeting you on the bands. Cheers, Ken N2OBY Hi Ken Sorry it has taken so long to read your comment on my post "The Things We Hams Talk About" I was Pleased to Hear You are a regular r


click on image to Enlarge Ive been playing around with Computers for many years and i have many programs that are interesting and fairly easy to use which are for Ham Radio use,most of which are free downloads of Ham websites e.t.c The program that i am using here is WINPSKse. Download it here. Once installed you will have to connect your Radio to your Computer.You need a double ended 3.5mm mono jack plug cable which connects to the ext speaker socket in the back of your Radio,which then feeds the audio/received data out into the Line in or Mic in, on your Computer.You can adjust the level using the P.C sound control there is usually a setting on most programs which allows audio in adjustment. You are now ready to receive PSK,select the waterfall window and click on the signal. The next stage there is a bit more expense you will need to acquire more kit,a radio computer interface better known as a Rigblaster.There are various models on the market as you can see in the picture the one

Good Opening Across The Pond

Last Night was quite busy for me on 20M with lots of Stations to work.Thanks to all Hams that gave me a call! Here's my log containing the callsigns of the stations I worked. Click on Image to Enlarge Here is a video with a few of the Stations that i worked.73 I hope you like it!