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Just two days to go before I take my summer leave from the College and I cant wait to play some Ham Radio during my month off! Who knows where I will be operating from? The shack? The Caravan Shack On The Moor? The DX Mobile? You can bet I will be active from them all as well as by the seaside and other places of interest. Listen out for M0YKS across the bands. 73 enjoy the summer!

New fun Contest - South America Sprint - July the 23rd - 21.00 utc

Attention all radio hams and short wave listener's. Watch out for a brand new 2hr contest coming your way this month courtesy of the South America Sprint group. Please read the message below if you haven't already been invited. It sounds like it could be lots of fun and I will be active during it. Best 73. We would like to invite you to the SA Sprint Contest. This is a new contest organized by several South American amateur radio clubs and groups. The contest is only two hours long, the rules are really straightforward and we have included the QSO/QSY rule to make it really fun. You can see the full rules at: Several logging programs have included support for our contest: The contest will take place on July 23rd, 2016. From 2100 to 23 UTC, on SSB and CW (40 and 20 meters). Everyone can contact everyone for QSO points credit. Mults are SA prefixes. Please feel free to tell your friends about the SA Sprint. Th