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CQ WW DX 2021

 Just 10 days to go before my favourite radio contest takes place! I will be checking out that my station is working properly in advance and plan to be active from tomorrow on and off all week. I wonder what the results will be like this time now that we are experiencing some decent regular openings on all of the HF bands. Looking forward to catching up with some of you on the air! Good DX and best 73 enjoy your weekend because next weekend will be radio chaos lol.

Still Active and Operating Ham Radio

  Its been an awful long time since I posted here on my old blog! Well I am still in good health and of course still playing lots of Ham radio when I have spare time. The past month or so has been crazy at work so my live streams on YouTube has suffered and I have not been as active on camera as usual. I have of course still been here in the shack just slightly with more of a lower profile whilst hunting for the precious DX.  The station at M0YKS is still working exceptionally well, all antennas are holding up well so far and I have a nice new three section ladder to help maintain and keep them that way.  I also have a second valve amplifier which runs the same Russian military tank GI7BT Ceramic valves. This one is currently in use and is in a nice shiny Ameritron casing. My original GI7BT amplifier is now rebuilt with new valves and a few other bits and pieces. I had converted the Valve mounting setup after advise from a local amp guy but found it not suitable to operate that way so