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Sunday, November 26, 2006
Radio Licence Course
Portable at The STAR CENTRE

The Last couple of weeks The YL M3TLL Louise and Myself have been running a training course at the works QTH The STAR CENTRE,this is where the Ham Station is based down at Keighley College.
The picture above shows the Communcation Centre where the rigs are in company with computer technology.To the right is a 6/2/70 tri-band Beam parrallel to an Oscar 437 30 element XSat-Beam.Below a view across the mars landscape to a Science Pod and Rocket, and bottom right shows an image recieved from NOAA 12.

The Cushcraft MA5B mini beam for HF operation
We also use a Hustler 6BTV and a Carolina Windom160

We have been Teaching some Air Training Corps Cadets.The Air Cadets are from Bradford and are 44F squadron A.T.C. We have worked with other squadrons and some have become Licenced Amatuers. This Course covers theory and practical tasks followed by an Examination so hopefully these cadets will achieve the Foundation licence

We will be both on Air with the Cadets on Monday evenings 7-9PM

here is a picture of me and my lovely YL Louise M3TLL.

This weeks session Louise is operating CW so the Cadets will have to decode and then resend.

I am taking my FT890 a PSU and a Hombrew Dipole for 20m so they can adjust the length for the best SWR,and also use an ATU.

This Weeks Radio Report

Ive had some good Contacts from the mobile operating on 20m and 15m through to USA and lots of Europe.Also herd big signals from VK and ZL early mornings whilst driving to work.

I havent worked so many Stations from the home QTH, but when on i have had the best results on 40m in the evenings.

I am pleased to report lots of QSL cards via the buro have been coming in, one was from Energia Russion space Station, another from BOGATA in Columbia, and many from across Europe also cards from SWLs. So many thanks to all QSLers and eQSLrs.

73 and happy blogging
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