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Still here and Active as always.

It's been a interesting year so far With the ever changing band conditions. The solar cycle 25 continues and certainly is far from over. I would expect a couple of years at least yet before I need to get out the amplifier again. I have a bit of a fault to fix so maybe it's about time I get on with it, I might have it done for cycle 26. 😜 The last week has been quite a mixed bag on the radio as I have heard DX and into G, both short and long skip signals on quite a few of the HF bands including 10m. As for the 6 meter band the recent opening I caught on video was a one off and I have not seen any more activity around the SSB phone band since. I have been off work on half term spending time out with the family getting out and about so not quite as active as usual but still catching some decent QSO where I can from some nice locations here in Yorkshire.  The Satellite chasing has taken a back seat recently as my neighbors are carrying out roof work and cur