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Monday, February 20, 2012
Day 20 February QSO Challenge

My FT-100/Maldol Combo(mobile station) has been making some nice RF today as I worked /mobile into Belarus, Italy, Finland and Spain at various times of the day.

My QSO challenge for today has to be the station I worked from Spain - EA2CCG / Mobile- Joaquin on the 20m band. EA2CCG - Joaquin was operating from his mobile station calling CQ when I heard him from my mobile station. His signal was coming in well, at around 19.30 utc I gave him a call and managed a nice QSO with Joaquin (mobile to mobile). EA2CCG/M was operating on 14.242.5MHz from Pamplona in N.Spain. The signal reports exchanged by us both was 5/7 - 5/8 with a bit of QSB thrown in making us both work that little bit harder.

It was great to work another mobile operator as well as fellow HAM RADIO Blogger where you can find more information about his station.  73
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