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Monday, October 15, 2018
Latest DX - Testing The GI7B Amplifier Across The bands

The last two weeks have been interesting on the bands especially with the new Russian GI7B x2 amplifier in line and working well. I have made the most of the propagation which has been up and down but worth the effort, as I put out some nice signals into North and South America as well as the Caribbean. I am really pleased with the GI7B amp and have mastered the tuning and loading with no issues or difficulties. I feel much more comfortable with the reliability and duty cycle of the Russian made Ceramic tubes compared to a transistor amp which seem less forgiving of any minor operator errors. 
I have backed the mic settings off slightly for my Heil GM5 studio microphone and have been putting out 20 -30 watts from the FT-1000MP Mark-V Field transceiver into the amplifier and getting 350 - 400 watts out. The reports have been very encouraging, all that is left to say is CQ World Wide SSB Contest 2018, here I come!!!

In the meantime have a look at the guys and girls I have had the pleasure to make QSO with over the past two weeks. Best 73 hope to work you soon! M0YKS - Simon

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